Happy things.

There’s been a rash lately of “why do women like that other guy and not me?  It’s not faaaaair” posts in on FetLife.  The Bunny knows this, because I’ve left scathing comments on most of those posts and these showed up in his feed.  Sometimes he’ll text me out of the blue, mocking the people I mock – just kinda letting me know he’s seeing the things I’m saying/doing on FetLife and agreeing with me.  And so:

Bunny: Lol ‘but it’s not fair.’

Me: 😀

Bunny: It’s not fair I’m awkward with women and they don’t flock to me!

Me: Women shouldn’t be allowed to be attracted to certain people or qualities!  They should fuck me just because I want them to!

Bunny: Exactly.  And it’s not happening now!  Where’s my women wanting me magnet?

Me: I honestly have never understood the “just give me a chance!” guys.  They really wanna date a chick who’s not particularly into them?  Really?

Bunny: I got it!  We go make out in public and show everyone how desirable we are!

Me: I’m game for that. 😀

Bunny: Our sexy will be unstoppable.  To [kink event we’re attending in a couple of days]!

Gosh, he’s adorable.

A few days earlier, I’d written a journal entry on FeLife that quickly garnered a small flurry of attention and The Bunny texted “I’m getting banged by someone famous on FetLife!  Wooooo!”  The funny/sad thing is that I immediately got a twinge in my stomach and wondered who the person was.  Ah, the joys of being poly and slightly paranoid.

But yeah.  The Bunny has said and done a lot of little things to indicate that he’s pleased to be seen on my arm and that he sees this thing of ours continuing indefinitely (I think he may be about to buy me a fancy garter belt and possibly some more stockings, and he’s said that when he gets paid next he wants to go to a sex store with me and pick out some ass toys to be used on him…investing money in our future sexytimes is a good sign, right?).  I’m really enjoying having a regular boy in my life.

I hope he won’t be too put off if things progress with The Sage.  Thus far, The Bunny has gotten at least a little action on the side, and I’ve been content with just him (and platonic pettings from Minx).  The Bunny’s non-monogamous stance has only been put to the test in one direction, is what I’m saying.  He was encouraging and nice when I had my first date with The Sage, but what’ll happen if The Sage and I eventually get to a more naked place?

Well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.  I don’t even know yet whether I will end up playing with The Sage…although so far it’s looking like a good bet.  And hoo boy would it be awesome to have two lovely subs in my life!

By the way, Minx dropped by recently to borrow my hair dryer, on a night The Bunny was slated to visit a little later.  I made a joke about Minx sticking around til then so both of them could pet and massage me at once, and she said she’d be up for it.  

The Bunny ended up postponing his visit til tonight, though, and ambushing him that way would not have been a good approach anyway, so I didn’t do it.  This is always where I’ve always failed in the past, when it comes to threesomes: I’ve sometimes had dudes who’d be willing, but then I get overexcited and pushy and wig everyone out.  I must tread lightly here.  I must not frighten The Bunny off.

I talked to Minx about that time at the craft fair when she met The Bunny and proceeded to ignore him, btw.  She said I talked in my FlirtVoice that night and she reflexively perked up, assuming it was aimed at her – then realized I was talking to The Bunny and felt all weird.  I can understand how that would suck.  Minx’s stipulation on threesome petings, actually, was that I not use my FlirtVoice – but I cannot agree to this because I’m not always aware I’m doing it.  I suspect, actually, that Minx’s idea of FlirtVoice is much much broader than my own and that what I think is my normal voice, she’ll think of as flirty.  So there’s one more reason not to use Minx as my second petter.

In a way it’s satisfying just having people state their willingness to do this for me, even if it never happens.  You can’t get much more selfless than working with someone else, to whom you are not attracted, to give pleasure to someone you like.  It truly would be all about me. 😀

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