Browsing and buttsex and smiting.

Amazing day with The Bunny.

We went to a store that sells fetish gear, because he thought it might spark some interesting ideas or conversation.  I asked him to try on a leather kilt and chest harness, and (with a great show of reluctance that I think was at least a little bit faked) he did so.  Although he left his t-shirt on under the harness.

Nonetheless, the ensemble looked brain-meltingly hot on him.  I was sitting on a padded bench just outside the dressing room when he opened the curtain, submitted himself to my ogling for a minute or two, and then declared that he was gonna put his regular clothes on again.  “What, no lap dance?” I asked, smirking.  He said “Maaaybe I’ll just sit in your lap, instead” and came over and perched on one of my thighs.  I love when a guy puts himself in a subordinate/stereotypically “feminine” position with me, and would not have expected The Bunny to do so in public.  I don’t even think he’s done that sort of thing in private before.  He seems pretty into being perceived as manly (albeit in a “gentleman” way, not a huntin’-n-drinkin’-n-fartin’ kind of way).  I ran my hand up and down his back and gave him a brief, warm kiss on the mouth and then he really did go change back into his street clothes.

After the fetish place, I needed to stop into another nearby store to check for supplies for a craft project.  The Bunny offered to carry my backpack, which is odd to me because it wasn’t heavy (it didn’t even look heavy; there was barely anything in it).  I often can’t tell, with him, if he’s trying to be a service sub or just a “gentleman.”  I love the idea of having a service sub who’ll carry all my shit for me so I said yes to the backpack thing and pretended in my head that the offer was born of submission and not just archaic courtesy.

The Bunny and I seem to have difficulties with public affection – which is to say that we both seem to want to engage in it but chicken out.  So there are a lot of random little pokes and scritchies between us but – as yet – no walking around holding hands and not too many kisses.  But on the mall escalator he was standing a step above me – bringing him up to my height – and the sexual tension overtook me such that I leaned in and kissed him on the jaw.  He immediately and gave me a kiss on the lips but then skittishly pulled back.  I’m not sure whether he was trying not to look too forward or if he felt self-conscious kissing in such a public place or what.

The store didn’t have what I needed so we walked back to The Bunny’s place, making a brief stop at the grocery store for some juice to go with the steak and eggs he planned to make me.  While we were there, he noticed me glance longingly at a display of chocolate milk cartons and asked if I wanted some (I did, but I’m trying to wean myself off sugar so I declined).  When we were at the cash register he noticed me perk up at the sound of a dog barking in the foyer and told me to go ahead and investigate/try to solicit dog kisses if I wanted to and he’d come find me when he was done.  I opted to stay next to him.  But the point is, The Bunny seems to be so tuned in to me that he’s noticing tiny things, and this is both thrilling and impressive.

We got back to The Bunny’s place and he made us delicious food and we ate it curled up on his bed.  Then things segued to a point where I was putting some of my extremely pinchy multicoloured miniature clothespins on him.  First I made a little mohawk up his nutsack, but he said it hurt too much.  So I did a line on each inner arm and a couple of clothespins on each nipple, instead.  The Bunny made some restrained little gasping noises when I did this, but mostly kept his composure.  “Why am I doing this, again?” he asked at one point.  I leaned in and murmured, “Because it makes me happy.”  And then I started making out with him, fiercely, because it hit me that he really was doing it to make me happy*, and holy shit that is amazing.

And then I retrieved my knapsack, in which I’d put – among other things – my garter belt and one of the pairs of stockings The Bunny had bought for me before.  I put on the garter belt but made him roll the stockings up my legs and clip them on (which he had to do extra-carefully to avoid disrupting the clothespins on his arms).  The Bunny has said that his huge kink is to have his cock teased by a woman’s stockinged foot, and/or to have her stockinged foot crammed in his mouth.  When I do these things he’s not very responsive; he just kinda goes quiet.  I think this is because I’m turning him on a lot, but I do not know for sure.  Anyway, he’s been such a lovely boy that I felt like giving him a treat, so I did my best to torment his junk with my feet and then shoved one foot in his mouth – under the pretence of gagging him in case he screamed – while I first smacked, then removed all the clothespins from his arms and chest.  In case you’re not aware, once a clampy thing has been on you a while it really hurts when it’s removed – the blood all comes rushing back into the area, or something.  So it’s a good thing I’d “gagged” The Bunny.  He was making some pretty agonized moans around my foot.

Then came pegging.  Well, first just finger penetration, at The Bunny’s request.  Hilariously, I told him I thought he might need to poop (because I could feel clumps of it up there, bumping up against my fingertips) and he told me that he didn’t.  We actually argued about this for a minute or two.  Later, once I’d tied each of his legs into a jacknifed position, bound his arms across his chest, and begun fucking his ass with my Realdoe, The Bunny sheepishly said “…Yeah…I think I have to poop.”  I sighed, rolled my eyes, undid the ropes, and threatened that the next time we disagreed on this particular issue I would take a clump of shit out and show it to him**.

Fucking The Bunny missionary style was proving terribly awkward for me, so when The Bunny came back from the bathroom all nice and emptied, we switched: I lay on my back and he rode me.  We’ve done this once before and it worked really well; after today I’m thinking this is my absolute favourite way to use the Realdoe.  I crossed my legs at the ankle to hold my cock in place a bit better and thrust up and into The Bunny at a slow and steady pace; fascinatingly, although it felt like I was barely moving, The Bunny appeared to be really getting off on my thrusts.  He didn’t try to speed up the pace or even push back at me to drive the toy deeper; he just held still and I held his hips and pushed up into him as best I could.  The Bunny began to moan, softly and desperately, over and over again.  He  gazed down into my eyes and then leaned forward so we could kiss as I fucked him – and it felt as though he did this because he just really wanted to kiss me, not because the eye contact had wigged him out and he was trying to dodge it.  In-between bouts of passionate kissing he kept looking right in my eyes and his gaze was far away and yet still somehow right there and he was sweating and moaning and began to impale himself on me because my ass muscles were getting so tired I had to take a little break from thrusting and he was gasping and moaning and finally he murmured “I would like to come…” and I said “Need some help?” and started jerking him off.

It was the hottest thing ever but unfortunately his butt stopped cooperating – I slipped out and The Bunny couldn’t seem to get my cock properly seated again.  So he breathlessly asked “may I put on a show for you?” (his usual euphemism for jerking off) and I said yes.  Although I wasn’t far enough away to properly watch, as the word “show” suggests.  We lay in each others’ arms, our faces inches apart, the tip of his cock sometimes brushing my belly as he jerked himself.  Possibly the tip of my cock was brushing his belly, too, since I hadn’t yet taken it out (we did take the assy condom off it once we abandoned the pegging, though).

This whole thing, from the moment The Bunny started riding me to the moment he came, was just…I can barely find words to describe it.  It’s as though we’d fallen into a trance together.  He seemed vulnerable with me in a way he’d never shown me before.  As he touched himself he told me in his lovely soft voice how much he loved my cock, how much he loved the way I fucked him, how much he wanted to be my good boy.  His sounds and movements got more frantic; he seemed to be on the edge forever.  Then I thought he asked if I would “jerk him a little bit” but when I reached down between us he said “no, choke” and I felt absolutely dazzled by my good fortune.  I happily seized him by the throat and the pitch of his moans got even more fevered.  I told him I wanted to feel him come against my belly.  Told him he’s my hot little bitch and my good boy and my chew toy.  I snarled the word “mine” and it drew forth a little crescendo of gasps.  I felt so intensely close to him that I was almost on the edge of tears – it felt like one of my crygasms except neither of us had actually orgasmed.

And then at long last he gasped “I’m gonna come…I’m gonna come…!” and I felt his spasms and the warm slippery splatter between us.  I got that weird vicarious braingasm thing that happens when I’m so emotionally invested in someone that their orgasm triggers post-orgasmic chemicals to flood my brain.  We shuddered and kissed and slid playfully against each other with The Bunny’s semen making everything delightfully slippery.  And then he got out the Hitachi and took care of my needs.  Resoundingly.

The Bunny had a social event to go to and it was almost time for him to leave.  We showered together and he vertical-spooned me and reached around to wash off my stomach, kissing me between the shoulderblades as he did so.  Once we were dried off, he dressed me.  He must have remembered me saying I liked it.

We left his apartment together, and only then did he check his phone and see that his social thing had been cancelled.  I decided to go home, anyway; it had been a pretty much perfect day so it seemed like as good a cutoff point as any.  The Bunny walked me to my bus stop; when I kissed him goodbye and went to move away, he went back in for more.

The Bunny definitely seemed…different today.  It’s a turning point that reminds me a lot of that day The Pedant was suddenly way more responsive than usual in bed and made all that eye contact and stuff.  With The Pedant I think it happened because he had feelings for me and had finally realized it was mutual, so he was safe to express himself a bit more.  Perhaps that’s what it is with The Bunny, too.  After all, I did recently express an interest in moving our relationship to the sleepover level, and during that sleepover at one point I said the phrase “I absolutely adore you.”  So… yeah.

I am so smitten right now.  So fucking smitten. 😀


*Well…I think he gets something else out of it.  He told me once, after some sadomasochistic play, that I’d made him feel really euphoric.  And, I mean, he does keep suggesting mean things for me to do to him.

**I did this to Minx once.  I said “Ta-daaaaaa!” and everything, but she was not amused.  Uncharacteristically embarrassed, actually.

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