Well then.

Today The Bunny invited me to torture him with clothespins.  I put as many of them on his scrotum and penis as would fit.  The clothespins are cheap dollar store ones, so not as frighteningly pinchy as you might think (I tested one on the side of my finger before putting any on The Bunny and it didn’t hurt at all – just mild pressure), but nonetheless when I ran my hand lightly across the bristling sticky-uppy forest of pins I’d made, he uttered the most wonderful sounds.  Screams, maybe even.  And he stayed hard the entire time.

When he said he’d had enough, I removed the clothespins one by one – giving each one a hard flick with my finger, first, and counting as I went.  *Flick* “One…” *Flick* “Two…” *Flick* “Three…”

I removed twenty-nine in all.

And The Bunny’s screams had made me wet.


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4 responses to “Well then.

  1. Oh, god, that’s hot. Thanks for this. 😀

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