Playing with The Bunny

Such a lovely afternoon with The Bunny yesterday.

I still have a somewhat hard time really taking control of him.  I want to know that he wants and likes being controlled in certain ways, is the thing, and he’s not very expressive.  Like if I ask “Is it okay if I do ___?” he’ll shrug and go “I guess so,” and I just don’t really get the feeling that he’s into it.  Plus he’s a switch with very little experience as a sub, which makes me feel a little tentative.  Like…he knows, by now, that he likes being dominant.  He may not be as sure about the other side of the coin.  And it would suck to open myself up and truly ask for the things I want, only to have him go “God, that’s the way you want to conduct a D/s relationship?  No thanks.”

And I have told him that I feel tentative.  I think perhaps he’s taken this to heart and is trying to reassure me, in his own, subtle way.  When I was there yesterday he made a point, a few times, of asking what he could do for me or how he could please me.  I love that.  His initiative lets me know that he’s not just going along with the things I ask because I didn’t happen to request anything that bored him – he’s indicating that he does want to do things for me and make me happy.

So anyway, the way things played out yesterday is that I went over to The Bunny’s place with a big bag-o-toys in my knapsack and stockings and a garter belt on underneath the disgusting baggy cargo sweatpants that have become my uniform of late.  I handed him my new stainless steel plug pretty much as soon as I got in the door, and asked him to insert it while I watched.  It was cold from the journey over though so he wanted to warm it up first.  So we lay yin-yanged on his bed for a bit, him in his boxers with the toy between his thighs and me still fully dressed, and we chatted and stuff.  He took my socks off to pet my feet and realized I had stockings on, though he didn’t react in too visible of a way.

Once the toy was suitably warmed up and inserted, he asked what I’d like him to do for me.  I stood up and told him to undress me, then to kneel in front of me and “take a taste.”  He’d never gone down on me before.  I asked him a while back if this is a thing he likes to do, and he does; he just prefers to let his partners take the initiative in sexual things, apparently (which is also why he hung back and let me initiate our first kiss back in the day).  He gave my ladybits some lingering kisses, and then I think I pulled him up and we made out for a while – and then he asked “may I have another taste?”  RAWR.  Yes, he very much may.

His lovely warm mouth felt so good that I wanted to relax and enjoy it for a while, so I lay back down on The Bunny’s bed and told him to keep going.  There was a little bit of exploration and adjustment and then he got into a pretty good groove, doing things that felt good.  I told him I was pretty sure I could orgasm from his oral skills, provided he could keep things up at a fairly fast and steady pace for a few minutes; would that be possible?  He said he didn’t think he had the jaw and tongue stamina for that.  Then he started doing this thing of kind of sporadically and vigorously attacking with his mouth and it wasn’t clear to me whether the “Sorry, not enough stamina” thing was a joke and now he was displaying his real prowess, or if he was just trying to get me to shriek by doing brief but very intense things.  I think probably the latter.

After a short while of these little cunnilingus flurries, I had The Bunny get me off via The Hitachi.  I came twice and then subsided into giggle fits.  Once I’d recovered somewhat, I ordered him to kneel at the foot of the bed and suck my toes while I got myself off another few times (being forced to suck stockinged feet is one of his kinks, and I love having my toes sucked while I’m getting off, so yay.  Although honestly the stockings kinda muffled the sensation a bit).

Honestly, after all the orgasms I was giddy and sleepy and would happily have just taken a nap, but I don’t think The Bunny and have the kind of interactions where napping in his bed would be acceptable.  Also, he’d been abstaining from masturbation for a long-ass time and I wanted to make it worth his while.  I was also aware that it had been a while since I’d tied him up – which is another one of his kinks, and something I enjoy but which takes work and it’s easy for me to get lazy and not do it.  The Bunny hopefully suggested we do some rope practice before I even had a chance to volunteer it, so I think he did miss it.

I looped the rope around his thighs and lower back and secured it, essentially tying him in doggie style position.  Then I donned my strap-on and fucked his ass for a while, which was pretty super fun.  After a while though I really wanted to be able to see his face, and also to have more access to his cock.  We tried having him ride me, but the angle of the particular dong I was wearing made it difficult.  We switched to missionary (with me being the boy, obviously) and that kinda wasn’t working either…and then even going back to doggie style didn’t work.  The Bunny’s ass just didn’t want to cooperate.  Fair enough.

I think it was at this point that I decided to paddle his ass for a while, since it was up in the air anyway.  I hit him over and over in the same spot and made him count each whack until he couldn’t take anymore.  He wussed out sooner than I expected – around seven or eight hits on each side.

And then somehow we ended up with The Bunny on his back and me straddling him and making out with him while very lightly choking him, and he began to jerk off and then asked if I’d like to tease him with the Hitachi, and I totally liked that idea.  Dudes don’t usually ask me to use vibrators on them (I do it anyway, mind you…); it was an interesting novelty.

So I started running the Hitachi lightly over the head of The Bunny’s cock, and after he paused a second to grab the butt plug and insert it again, I rammed the vibrator against the base of that, which got a lovely reaction.  I spent a pretty long time jerking The Bunny off and/or Hitachi-ing him (and threw my mouth into the mix sometimes, too).  It seemed as though he was having a hard time getting to the finish, although the moans he made along the way were glorious.  At one point he gasped “I’m coming – !” and thrashed and moaned even more, but nothing came out of him so I assumed he’d misjudged.  A little while later, I stopped jerking him off and focused the Hitachi back on the base of the ass-toy.  My thought was that maybe he’d become overstimulated so I’d just leave his dick alone to recharge, but The Bunny promptly took over the jerking off and in about five more minutes he finally ejaculated.

Later, he told me that when he said he was coming, he actually did – just nothing came out for some reason.  Holy fuck, that’s hot.

After some post-orgasmic snuggling, he asked if there was anything he could get me – a beverage, perhaps?  I opted for orange juice, which he fetched.  Then I asked if he had any food suitable for my dietary needs and he said yes, he had cheese and cold cuts and stuff, but he’d definitely need to shower before handling any of it.  “Actually, I should shower, too.  I’m sticky with pretty much every fluid ever,” I said.

So we showered together, and The Bunny took it upon himself to wash me without me having to ask.  And then started jerking off again, which was hot but one of the things I want in this relationship is orgasm control (hence the abstinence), so ideally he should have asked before touching himself.  This is one of those things where I’d feel petty going “Hey, wait, ask before you do that” only to have him ask and tell him yes anyway.  So I didn’t say anything, but I think next time I will because that sort of thing really does bug me.  But anyway, it was fucking crazy hot that he needed to come again so soon after the last one(s).  We kissed as he frantically jerked himself, and he came on my hip (although I didn’t feel it because I was under the warm stream of the shower anyway).

He prepared a nice plate of food and we ate and talked some more.  A little while after that, he said he’d have to kick me out soon because he had a holiday party to get ready for (I knew about this party ahead of time, although I hadn’t realized how long I’d been there and that it was just about that time).  I agreed that, yes, I would definitely get ready to go soon; I had stuff to do, too.  The Bunny was all “time to put your sockies on!” and literally put each of my socks on my feet as I lay there – which looks in print as though he was getting impatient and trying to rush me out the door, but his tone didn’t strike me that way.  I think he was just being whimsical.  And p.s., I don’t usually admit this to anyone but I think I have a bit of a “little” side to me (i.e., an interest in roleplaying being a child).  I love when someone does goofy parental stuff with me; I suppose it’s probably kind of a do-over for my actual childhood, which was mostly shitty.  So the whole sock thing endeared The Bunny to me like whoa.

The Bunny handed me my pants, and I gave him an imperious look and lifted one foot off the bed in a clear “Put them on for me” gesture.  “You’re seriously gonna do this?” The Bunny said, rolling his eyes, and I just smirked and kept looking at him.  So he put my pants on for me, and as he did so he was like “Nobody wants to wear pants, it’s just the way the world works” (which is from this thing that I showed him recently) and I cracked the hell up and went “The tag hurts me!  It hurts!!!!”

He’s crazy good at putting clothes on other people, by the way; he knew to tug my pants up on alternate sides in order to get them over my hips.  He told me he’s actually put pantyhose on a partner before, even – I can barely get those fuckers on myself.

The Bunny walked me to the streetcar; he’s always done this, but I assumed it was because I was leaving his place at like one in the morning.  But yesterday I left at five and he still did it.  So sweet.

I really like this boy. 🙂

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December 15, 2013 · 6:22 am

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