More texting with The Bunny.

Someone posted in a FetLife discussion group asking women how much we actually know about dudes’ reproductive systems.  The poster (a guy) bragged that he knew all the technical terms for all the various areas of a woman’s genitals, and wanted to know if women were as well versed.  I responded that I may not know the technical terms for some of the inner plumbing but when it comes to giving pleasure, I know my way around just fine.

The Bunny saw this reply and later texted me: So, ya think you know about a man’s cock eh.

Me: Judging by the sounds I coaxed out of you with my tongue the other night, yeah, I think I RULE at penises.



[We go off on a tangent about when we can get together next.]

Bunny: Friday may work the best.  More play time.

Me: I shall reserve it for you, then…IF you tell me how amazing I am with boy parts.  Sing mah praisez, Bunneh!  [His challenging “so you think you know about…” remark had bothered me a little bit – was it banter or true skepticism? – and also it occurred to me that The Bunny is not very verbally effusive so it would be fun to push him out of his comfort zone.  So yeah.  I wanted to hear some nice things about myself.]

Bunny: If you wish.  So it sounds like a day of teasing me then.  Might I suggest using stockings as well then? [Ummm…where’s my compliment, Bunny?  Did you think I meant for you to tell me nice things on Friday, when we’re actually together?]

Me: See, I had that thought but now you’ve ruined the surprise…so we’ll see. 🙂  Also: I meant sing my praises NOW.

Bunny: Well, you do know your way around a cock.

Me: And this makes you feel…?

Bunny: I am impressed.  And titillated.

Me: Purrrrrrrrr. 🙂

These are not the sexiest compliments I’ve ever gotten, but I’ll go easy on the boy since such talk doesn’t seem to come easily to him.

And just a quick note about blow jobs: frankly, I consider myself to be bad at them.  My definition of a “blow job” is “putting a penis in your mouth and pumping/sucking/licking it until the owner of the penis has an orgasm” and my mouth is simply not big enough to accommodate most dicks.  Even when someone is small enough for the head to wedge in past my teeth, my jaw is cranked open so hard that I really can’t keep sucking for long.  I have no stamina at all in this regard.  I haven’t gotten a guy off start-to-finish with my mouth in years.  I am very creative and very good at reading a partners’ reactions, so if my mouth were adult-sized I have little doubt I’d be some kind of fellatio goddess, but as it stands…no.

I may be bad at blow jobs, but I’m good at oral sex – which I define as pleasurable mouth-to-genital contact in any form (all blow jobs are oral sex, but not all oral sex is a blow job).  I explored The Bunny with my mouth for a long time last visit; turns out the thing that made him moan the loudest was me rubbing the tip of his cock back and forth against the underside of my tongue while stimulating his frenum with my lower lip.  I tried stimulating those two areas in other ways – both simultaneously and separately – but underside of tongue + lower lip was the clear winner.  I did briefly manage to get the head of his cock in my mouth and suck it more-or-less like normal people do, and this barely garnered a response at all.  So I think my technique worked better on him than if I’d simply pistoned my head up and down on his cock.

But even though I made The Bunny moan quite nicely, I’m still a bit insecure about my oral prowess because of the whole can-barely-suck-dick-for-ten-seconds-before-needing-a-rest thing.  Hence my forcing The Bunny to compliment me.




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2 responses to “More texting with The Bunny.

  1. trillian

    I had to figure in my late twenties that it all takes practice. In fact, guys and girls are not that different in this one. The obvious and sure orgasm comes with oral sex if the right thing is done for the right amount of time. If the location/pressure is a little off, it will take a lot longer, if it is quite off, it will never happen, and if it’s right on spot (rarely) it will take like 30 seconds and you come. The latter can mostly be achieved if you do it yourselves, however some guys are capable of giving it to you, but trust me they practiced. Once I figured this I spent a whole year trying. Most men just work exactly the same way and if you get it right you really can make them come in less than a minute. It’s not easy because after 10 seconds your jaw hurts and you fell like you’ll never be able to close your mouth or something; but trust me they have the same problem when they start using their tongues on women first. As much as I found it difficult in the beginning I realised it’s the same disappointment for them if you stop to soon as it is for us… so keep trying and practicing and you can become so good at it there will be no need to do it for five minutes or anything.
    Surely there are exceptions and I’m giving up on the ones that cannot verbally explain what they would exactly like, and there are the ones who could come but hold it back, but still. Perseverance and forcing yourself is only a discomfort for a while – then the results are totally worth it.

    • The Bunny takes ten minutes to come even when he jerks off, so I’ve written him off as someone I can get off super fast with practice.

      Plus there’s the thing where he barely fits past my teeth.

      I think I could give him a somewhat fast (and comfortable for me) orgasm with my mouth using the non-penetrative licking/mouth-massage sort of thing I do, though, and I am happy to try that some time – provided he doesn’t get uncomfortable being the centre of attention again and stop me. 😀

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