*Stupefied giggle*

Annnnd once again I limp home from The Bunny’s place at 2am on legs that don’t quite work.

Goddamn, he is fabulous.  And, interestingly, I think he really is more of a “giver” in bed.  He told me before that he didn’t mind me prioritizing my own orgasm over his (or leaving his out entirely) but I didn’t quite believe him (mostly, I think, because when we’ve been together and naked he’s started randomly masturbating without asking me first).  But tonight he gave me a full body massage for, I dunno, a long time.  Later, I became transfixed by his genitals and ended up running my tongue over his cock for aaaaaages because he tasted good and was making pretty sounds.  I think my undivided attention began to make him feel uncomfortable because he finally hauled me up off his dick and began kissing and fingering me.  When I eventually went back to licking his junk, he seemed to be enjoying it immensely but nonetheless made a  point of asking “what can I do for you?”

Now, in a way his insistence on  getting my mouth away from his penis and doing things for me instead was actually kind of antithetical to his being submissive, since licking him is what I wanted to be doing at that time.  Like, I do see the irony in him demonstrating submission by trying to pry me away from something I was enjoying.  I’m not angry, though: I’ve been feeling a bit tentative about truly using his body to the extent that I want to, and the fact that he kept trying to shift the focus to me is very promising indeed.

Anyway, we ended off the evening with PIV – trying several different positions that might allow me to get off via Hitachi Magic Wand at the same time.  It never occurred to me to try using the Hitachi in missionary position before – or probably I tried it before with Minx but there just wasn’t enough room between us and/or her hard, flat lower abdomen knocked it into me painfully hard.  But The Bunny and I did missionary-with-Hitachi tonight, and oh…my…god.  He jackhammered me, and with every forward thrust his belly softly pushed the Hitachi up against me and the combination of the two sensations put me over the motherfucking moon.  There are no words.

I don’t think The Bunny came during any of that; certainly he didn’t make any of the noises he normally does.  He pulled out of me as soon as I’d finished coming, and we just sat there in companionable silence with him stroking my legs and feet and me trying to remember who and where I was because orgasm.  Then he had to get up and go pee.  I never did get a good look at the condom.  But yeah…99% sure he didn’t get off – and he’d been abstaining for three or four days.

Oh, also, he got me a present – it’s unclear whether this is an early Christmas gift or a just-because gift, but yeah…he noticed me wearing a hyperboleandahalf t-shirt once and decided to buy me the book of the same name.  The last time The Bunny told me he had something for me, it turned out he’d bought me stockings; stockings are a fetish of his.  I appreciated this gift – when I learned of his fetish, I decided I would indulge it at some point, and in giving me the tools for this he’d saved me a good chunk of money – but I am so touched that this newest present really is for me and not him.  I’d fully been expecting him to unveil some new sex toy for us to use together.

And I have to say, with how perfectly his belly ground the Hitachi against me, I’m starting to rethink my fixation on skinny boys with visible abs.  The Bunny is soft and voluptuous and amazing.  He is my pretty, shiny little chew toy. ❤

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December 5, 2013 · 8:23 am

One response to “*Stupefied giggle*

  1. marika grofno

    oh yes, long live the chub, too! I’m glad things are going well.

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