So, this happened…

I’ve been worrying about money a lot lately.  My line of credit is steadily filling up (mostly with orders for the art-related merchandise that I turn around and sell at a profit; I use real money for all my daily expenses) and on my current trajectory I will never be able to get it paid off.

And yet I just went online and bought one of these.  I’ve wanted a stainless steel butt plug for a while, I have a partner who’d be willing to play with one, it was pretty mega on sale ($60, usually costs around twice that elsewhere) and one minor indulgence isn’t going to break my credit rating.  Also, because the plug is made of stainless steel, I can make it perfectly sterile and shiny again after it’s been used.  Which means that probably a person other than The Bunny would be comfortable using it, too; it’s not gonna look dodgy like some big fingerprint covered jelly dong or whatever.

I was actually debating back and forth between that plug and another one from the same company.  I messaged The Bunny asking if (theoretically, heh) he had a preference.  He said “go with the Pfun plug, and think outside of me – there may be other asses you want to conquer.”  I am trying valiantly to take this at face value (I am poly and a big ol’  dominant horndog; there will always be other asses I want to conquer) rather than as a hint that The Bunny plans to bail soon.  I’m pretty sure he really is just trying to be nice; trying to say “I know you’re pretty poor right now so I feel uncomfortable about you spending money solely because of me.”

Anyway, I bought it and I think it’s going to be awesome.  I want to make The Bunny wear the plug – and a bunch of clothespins on his scrotum – while he fucks me.  Get his Pavlovian responses all confused between pleasure and pain.

Or – if the shape of the plug is conducive to it staying in under duress  – make The Bunny wear it while we’re out dancing or doing some other public thing.

Fuck yeah.

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