The Bunny came over tonight.  He arrived sooner than I’d anticipated, so I didn’t have a chance to prepare the way I might have liked; I was thinking of setting up a whole scene but instead I just quickly inserted my Tantus RealDoe and went down to let him in wearing my sweatpants, t-shirt, and a bathrobe to further camouflage the silicone tent I was pitching.  

The Bunny didn’t even notice my trouser tent until we were upstairs and I lay down nonchalantly on the bed and told him to strip.  Only then did he realize something was up.  Literally, ha ha.  He stripped and I pulled my sweatpants to my knees and made him suck my cock for a while, which turned into him riding my cock while I jerked him off.  Y’know, he once told me – way before we’d actually done anything sexual – that he’s pretty silent.  I do not find this to be true.  He does this continual soft moaning thing that’s totally hot.  Perhaps he does this on purpose because I’d mentioned I like to hear a little noise, but I kind of doubt it; I don’t think most people could consistently remember to fake some sounds in the heat of the moment.  I think he just doesn’t know he makes those sounds, or has a different definition of being “vocal in bed” than I do.

As he straddled my hips and impaled himself repeatedly on my cock, The Bunny leaned forward so we could kiss.  I wasn’t hurting him much yet; just lightly running my nails over his torso and sometimes pulling his hair.  When he came – his face inches from mine, my fist all wound up in his hair – I said “eye contact.”  He obliged, and I got to watch as he dissolved into pleasure.  So fucking hot.

Pretty soon after that, I decided to see if the Realdoe would work in missionary position (with The Bunny being the woman).  It…kind of did.  I don’t think I could have flattened out and lain on top of him without my dick slipping out, but it worked well to sit on my widely spread knees and fuck The Bunny with his legs hooked over my shoulders.

Then – rather uncharacteristically – I craved penetration, myself.  The Bunny managed to get hard enough for us to fuck for a few minutes, but then got bendy again.  I had him get me off via HItachi instead.  A little while later, I think he tried jerking himself hard again for me but it wasn’t really working; he offered to “put on a show” for me instead (i.e., jerk off while I watched).  He takes a crazy stupid-long time to come (which is why I like making him abstain for a few days before we get together, otherwise I’m not sure I could get him there at all under my own power).  It didn’t help that neither of us was very focused.  I mean he was jerking off for a good twenty minutes, but for long periods within that time we were making totally nonsexual small talk – telling each other random funfacts about animals and stuff.  All while he kept on jerking off.

But then there were also periods when I would hurt The Bunny in various ways just to see what he would do.  Just…gazing clinically at him, or sometimes with a big shit-eating grin, while pinching or squeezing or slapping or clawing various parts of him.  Looking for a reaction.  Sometimes he would defiantly meet my gaze, with just a hint of a smile, fight to remain stoic.  Other times, I broke through that facade and made him gasp or even cry out, and his eye contact would waver.  For a while I broke eye contact to bite his chest a bunch of times, and his pain-sounds got pretty intense until finally he whimpered, “Please…”

“Please what?”

“Please don’t bite so hard.”

The sound of his begging turned me on so much – you have no idea.  I’ll admit that part of me feels it’s not his place to ask me to do things a different way, even inflicting pain; I thought we’d agreed that I could do whatever I wanted to him, from a menu of mutually agreed-upon activities that included biting.  But on the other hand I don’t want to go past the point where he’s enjoying it, so it’s good that he tells me these things.  Better that than for him to stay silent, not enjoy any of it, and opt not to play with me again because I’m too mean.  Also, as I said, the begging was so fucking hot.  Hotter than if he’d tried to take the pain for me silently.

Soon after I abandoned the biting and had straddled him to softly kiss his mouth instead, it started sounding like The Bunny was close to coming.  “I want you to come inside me,” I said abruptly.  “Can you do that?”

He quickly condomed up and we got to it.   He admits that maybe he’s desensitized himself by jerking off with a deathgrip; he’d seemed really close to coming but when we switched over from jerking off to fucking, it ended up taking quite a while for him to finish.  First I was on top, and he was thrusting up at me so fast I couldn’t keep up so I basically just sat still and braced myself against him; then we rolled so he was on top and he jackhammered me.  I kinda liked it; he had my legs over his shoulders, and my legs don’t really bend that way too well but it did cause his dick to better hit my g-spot.  Plus he’s not endowed enough for jackhammering to hurt, so overall it all felt pretty good.  I can’t wait to make use of him during the horndog week of my cycle; penetration always feels exceptionally amazing then.

The Bunny started making urgent, keening, sobbing noises for quite some time before he actually came.  His sounds turned me on so much that I found myself actually growling; growling and clawing and clamping my thighs on him like a vice and trying to bite his shoulder but not being able to find purchase because he was so slippery with sweat.  I trash-talked in his ear – calling him a bitch, a whore, a slut; telling him I wanted to feel him come; snarling at him to give it to me – and finally he whimpered and came and I could feel every little pulse and twitch.  It gave me goosebumps.

Annnnnd then I had him roll off me immediately so I could grab the Hitachi and get myself off three or four times.  He watched, impressed by my voracity, and helped me along by caressing and kissing me from time to time.  And then we fucked around on our respective internet devices, showing each other photos and stuff, and then he went home.

My legs are gonna be sore in the morning.




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  1. trillian

    are you okay? I know it’s stupid but I miss you.

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