I just remembered, for no reason at all, that The Pedant would say “this needs washed” (he helped me with my laundry a few times) instead of the more conventional “this needs washing” or “this needs to be washed.”  He used that same odd sentence structure once in some other situation, too, I forget what.

Such a stupid, random thing, but remembering it gives me a teeny little chest pain.  In a weird way I miss him more right now than when I was trying to remember what the sex was like.

In other news, I haven’t gone clubbing in ages so The Social Worker and I plan to go on Friday.  There’s a slight chance The Pedant will be there, since we run in the same circles.  I’ve invited The Bunny out clubbing as well; partly because he’s mentioned that he’s a good dancer and I totally want to see this, partly as a security blanket in case I run into The Pedant, and partly to make The Pedant jealous if he is there.  And also a little bit so I can show The Bunny off to The Social Worker and get his thumbs up (or thumbs down, I suppose, but I’m betting the prognosis will be good).

During our conversation about him possibly coming out clubbing, The Bunny asked me whether I’d feel comfortable making out on the dance floor or if I’d rather restrict the physical stuff to just holding hands or something.  I was a little surprised by this question because thus far – during the limited amount of time we’ve been in public together – The Bunny hasn’t been all over me or anything.  He kisses me goodbye before I get on the bus and he wanted to play way more than we did at that rope practice thing, but that’s about it.  I like that he seems to want to be more publicly affectionate with me and I can’t help but notice that a certain Pedant who shall remain nameless “didn’t want to look like a couple” with me even when he loved me and we we’d been seeing each other for two years.

I miss The Pedant’s stupid ass.  But also?  I hate him.

The Bunny seems like he might be pretty good for me.  And I feel like this is a bit more stable than some of my previous attempts at dating; I mean I think there’s more of an actual spark there rather than me trying to force one because the guy in question looks good on paper.  I dunno.  We’ll see.

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