Went over to The Bunny’s place tonight.  Ended up fucking his ass with my strap-on, after which he Hitachi’d me to a trembling puddle.  I’m going to be sore in some weird places tomorrow.

He’s not my usual type (if I even have a “usual type” anymore – The Pedant seems to have thrown a wrench into my machinery) but I’m starting to get used to his body, or even to like it.  And he’s a really excellent FWB: affectionate, attentive, knowledgeable about safe sex practices, willing to patiently teach me how to do simple rope bondage, etc.  He asked me once what kinds of snack foods I can have, and I said fruit and cheese are safe for me; the next time I came over, during a break in the action, he prepared us a plate with brie, other fancy cheeses I don’t know the names for, and strawberries.  I would’ve been happy enough with a slab of marble cheddar and a banana, but he went all-out and it was a pleasant surprise.

Our chemistry together isn’t as explosively hot as my chemistry with The Pedant.  But the Bunny does have some advantages, like the fact that I can fuck his ass and slap/paddle/bite/scratch him.  He’s definitely taking the edge off my Pedant withdrawal.

Also, I really like his cat.


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2 responses to “:D

  1. Juuuuuuulia

    Tell us about his cat! 🙂

    • I love that that’s the thing you asked about. Not the sex, but the cat. 😀

      She’s a little orange-tabby-and-white girl with huge green eyes. She likes to lick people’s fingers, and she’s super social and hangs out with us most of the time that I’m over. She also insists on walking on us, to the point where The Bunny joked that her mission in life seems to be to hang out on the bed without ever actually touching it.

      And she’s very vocal. She makes almost constant, adorable little chirpy noises. I love that. 😀

      Oh, and she likes to drag things around – The Bunny has started keeping the bathroom door closed because she kept dragging the bathmat off to parts unknown.

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