Newest FetLife guy

So I met that guy from FetLife and meh, I dunno.  He was cute and reasonably personable but I don’t really know that we clicked.  In the past, I’ve been able to turn this meh feeling around sometimes; shared experiences can give people more things to talk about, and indeed this guy and I did agree that we’d be up for going to kink workshops and whatnot together.  Maybe our somewhat stilted conversation was due to nervousness.  Maybe if we did a few workshops and things together, he’d loosen up and we’d have more fun together.  But on the other hand I wonder sometimes whether it’s ridiculous to try to hard – like mashing together two puzzle pieces that aren’t meant to fit.

Tangent: I’ve seen women online who are such size queens that they won’t even meet a dude from online unless he sends them a picture of his cock first to verify size.  They’ll be like “Don’t even bother writing to me unless you’re eight inches or above.”  I’ve been analyzing what I find attractive in a man and have concluded that if I were going to be as openly picky and cynical as these size queens, my catchphrase would likely be “don’t even bother writing to me unless you have a strong jawline and long, elegant, but still masculine hands.”  Those seem to be the biggest attractors for me these days.  Well, that and having a physique that tapers at the waist (I’m not exclusively attracted to really really skinny dudes anymore – a guy can be broad/thick/etc. and still catch my attention – but I still want his shoulders to be his largest point).

Today’s guy was iffy on all three points.  Really great lips, though.

Well, we’ll see what happens.


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4 responses to “Newest FetLife guy

  1. Leah

    Ahah. While I wouldn’t actually *say* that in my profile, I think things like that in my head. The problem is, though, that it’s more about girth than length, so saying “must be 8+” inches can be decieving… I’d have to be like “must be 5+ inches around” XD

    • Mine would be “please be average-sized (4-6″ long with proportional girth) and uncut.”

      Really, I just want all future partners to have The Pedant’s dick. Except maybe not skewed to one side. It didn’t make a difference to our activities but I didn’t particularly find the skew aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Juuuuuuulia

    Did you hang out with the black guy more?! He sounded like a nice human! 😀

    • We haven’t hung out again but he did message me a while back with a “how are you” so I think he’s still available to me should I ask.

      He, also, was nice but didn’t click with me. He was caressing/massaging me in his car at the end of our last date though and his hands were amazing. I’m basically trying to get up the nerve to ask if he’ll come over and do that some more sometime. The catch is that I’m not sure how much I wanna do back. 😛

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