Here we go again…

Meeting a dude from FetLife on Friday.  Switchy, writes interesting emails, cute lower face (his profile pic only shows him from the nose down).

In some ways it feels too soon to be meeting any new potential partners.  But he kinda fell into my lap.  Might as well see where this goes.


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2 responses to “Here we go again…

  1. marika grofno

    Yay! It doesn’t have to get SeriouS now or ever. I’m just glad you seem to be in the right track for not sleeping alone some days. suffering trough Pedant-withdrawal heroically alne and crying into pillows are overrated. (mind, I have no usable experience for how rebound works and what the risks are, but you probably do, so you can look out for yourself and enjoy the enjoyables while being safe. 🙂 )

    • I just find that when I’m still hung up on a previous person, it’s way harder to shop for someone new. The Pedant is currently my blueprint for what a hot guy is supposed to look like and my blueprint for what a guy’s personality is like who will make me miserable.

      So if I meet a guy who’s perfectly cute but in a different way from The Pedant, I might not fully appreciate it. Or if a new guy has some very superficial Pedant-like qualities to his personality, they might raise a red flag with me that doesn’t deserve to be raised.

      I’d actually spoken to Friday’s guy on several sporadic occasions in the past without developing any particular interest in him. Now that I am somewhat intrigued and looking through his profile again with new eyes, it suddenly strikes me that he has pouty lips and a beard like The Pedant did (and I can’t see any of the rest of his face; the photo cuts off at the nose) and uses language in an articulate but very stiff and formal way like him, too. All of which is giving me a combination of hope and sickened deja vu that I find most discomfiting.

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