Small model rant

There’s a high school I’ve worked at once before (and for which I have several more gigs lined up) that has kind of a weird thing going on: whoever scheduled the classes put the two art classes that use models at opposite ends of the day.  So they’ve got me coming in for 9am, working for an hour or so, then languishing in the teachers’ lounge until 1:45 when I work for a second hour.

Apparently, the old schedule was to have the two classes right in a row so as not to waste the models’ time; I think this fucked-up morning-and-afternoon thing is only going to continue for this particular term.  I get extra money to compensate for the inconvenience and the teachers’ lounge has a couch I can nap on, so it’s all good.

Even better, I have a four days in a row next week where I’m doing the two art classes and a sculpture class in-between!  So that will maximize the use of my time and earn me even more money.

The place is way the fuck out in the suburbs, by the way, so I have to leave the house at 7:30am to make sure I get there on time (hence the napping on the couch afterward!).  And when I showed up for my shift this morning, the teacher was like “…You’re not actually scheduled today.”

I said “…But it’s on my calendar…” and he consulted his day planner and showed me that nothing is written down for today.  But he told me I could work today, anyway, since I was there.  He added, though, that there’s a model budget he has to stick to so he’ll have to cancel a future shift to even things out.  I said I didn’t want to lose any of my other shifts and I could totally just go home right now if that was easier.  He said we’d work something out.

I took the “we’ll work something out” to mean that he wouldn’t cancel another shift of mine – probably because he realized it was his fault I was mis-scheduled.  I could see myself maybe making a mistake like writing a gig down for the 22nd of the month instead of the 23rd, but it makes absolutely no sense that I would write down an extra gig on a totally random date.  Also, I actually remember him booking me for today.  It stuck in my head because the date is October 1st.  So he told me to come in today but didn’t write it down on his end.

But no, in the end he did ask me to cancel one of next week’s gigs.  Except the sculpture class in the middle of the day still needs me, which means I’ll be travelling for an hour each way to work for only an hour.  Feh.

It also means I’m making $100 less this month than I thought I would, since my projected earnings included today and those four days next week.

And, I’m kind of mad that I woke up so early today when I didn’t have to.  I’m a little burned out lately and would really have preferred to sleep in today.  Plus I don’t really feel like I can emphatically tell this dude he messed up, lest he get angered by my accusation and not invite me back.  I had to stifle my annoyance and make vague noises about blah blah miscommunication blah blah no idea how it happened blah.

The teacher is really nice, though.  I mean it’s unfortunate that he fucked up my schedule, and more unfortunate that he doesn’t seem to know it’s his fault, but he didn’t treat me like an idiot for coming in when I wasn’t supposed to.  Actually he marvelled to the class at large that he’s had models not show up when they were supposed to, but never the other way around.  In a weird way I think he saw my coming in today as proof of my professionalism and dedication.  I’m so punctual (“how punctual are you?”), I came in to work eight days early!  (Rimshot.)

Anyway, totally pleasant day despite that mis-scheduling weirdness.  And actually, looking at my calendar, it would be totally awesome to be able to sleep in that much more next Wednesday morning.  I’m gonna make that day the one I cancel.


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