So, as I think I’ve mentioned, The Veteran has been kind of mentoring me in the life modelling business.  Which includes giving me a bigass list of art contacts I can call or email for jobs.  She invited me over one night to go over this list with me, telling me inside information and whatnot; it seriously took an hour to get through it all.

There was one instructor whom The Veteran described as having “boundary issues.”  I asked if it was a matter of sexual creepiness and she said no, he’s harmless, he just…I forget her exact words…I think her implication was that he wants to be BFFs with all his models rather than treating it as a work relationship.

Well, I really don’t want to work with anyone who makes things awkward for me (and I feel like The Veteran is a lot tougher of a cookie than I am, so if she’s bothered by something…), and the list has like a hundred other people on it, so I just skipped over that one guy when I was doing my cold calling.  But it seems that someone who saw me pose went out of her way to recommend me; he emailed me today saying that he’s been asked to book me for two workshops he’s teaching in spring of 2014.

I’ve said okay, since The Veteran said he was harmless and I could always use more work.  Plus I don’t know the guy, have never met him, he’s never done anything to me; how would I even refuse?  (I guess I could claim to have something else going on in spring of 2014…).  Plus it sounds like this dude teaches shitloads of classes all over the city; I’ve had at least two or three people come up to me recently in art classes – classes in wildly diverse locations – to ask “Have you contacted [boundary issues guy]?  He would give you work.”  I get the impression I could get a lot of gigs from him if he likes me.  

And anyway, maybe I can handle this guy.  I have sharper life skills now than I used to, both in being blunt and in being strategic.  And forewarned is forearmed.



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  1. complicated? no….so you wanna shag him or not?

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