Saw a chiropractor for the first time today.  Now that I make a living with my physicality, I really need to make sure my body is functioning properly, and this left-side neck spasm thing has happened before, so yeah.  Time to figure out what it is and how to stop it.

I liked the guy; he was personable and he did things that made my neck feel better and when I mentioned that I’m poor he offered to give me a discount.  I feel like we didn’t quite click perfectly personality-wise, but he’s good enough.  And anyway I can’t identify whether the not-quite-clickage is on a personal or professional level; I mean I can’t tell if what I’m sensing is that we’re eventually going to clash in how we want my treatment to proceed, or that we’re just not BFF material.

One quibble, though.  He asked what I do for a living and when I said I model for art classes, he blurted out “Nude?!?”

I said “usually” and he recovered himself and life went on.  I think his reaction came from a mildly shocked, “Wow, I could never feel comfortable doing that” place, not a titillated or “…but you’re so hideous!” one, but still.  Whether or not I’m naked at work is really not relevant to my spine health, and nudity is not really a subject for small talk between strangers, so I don’t think he should’ve asked me about it.

This guy offers all kinds of wacky treatments, like some kind of laser thing and acupuncture where you electrify the needles, but all he actually did to me today was use his hands and an amazing massage thingy he called The Thumper to get my neck more mobile.  He tried to crack (whoops I mean adjust) my neck a few times, but it only worked once; the way he jerked my head freaked out me out and I think my fear/tension interfered with the process.  I’m not saying that the way he moved me around seemed unprofessional or dangerous or anything.  I was just afraid of it hurting – both because he was manipulating my head past the point where I could comfortably move it for the last couple of days and because cracking one’s joints just hurts sometimes, regardless.

I liked that this guy told me exactly what he was gonna do before he did it.  I also liked that he said he figures treatment of this neck thing will probably take about four appointments.  I’ve heard that some chiropractors try to hook you in for life – “Oh, no, to stay healthy and feeling good you’ll have to get an adjustment every month forever.”  Seems like this guy doesn’t do that.

His diagnosis, btw, is that my pain is purely muscular (no bones out of place or anything, and no pinched nerves).  He also says certain parts of my neck seem a lot less flexible than others and he aims to fix this.

I’m going back on Monday for more adjustments and manipulations.

And can I just say, on my way home from today’s appointment I was suddenly completely freaking exhausted.  Maybe it was the tension release.

Also, I’m usually kind of, um…expressive, when something feels good.  But I didn’t wanna be moaning and howling on this guy’s table so I tried my best to stifle myself.  Which was surprisingly difficult and distracting.

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