Well, I’m fucked.

This morning I got out of bed, took my morning pee, and then practiced a couple of poses in the mirror for when I work tomorrow.  And then when I went to straighten up again (from doing kind of a ballerina thing with one arm up and my head turned down and to the right) my neck said “NOPE.”

Yeah.  I threw my neck out.  And I’m working for the next three days.  And I don’t feel I can cancel any of the jobs, for various reasons.

I’ve been alternately heating and icing it.  I tried wrapping my neck in a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar (Google claims this is a thing).  I tried massaging myself a bit, which did nothing.  I tried gently stretching, which helped a little bit in one direction (my neck was slowly beginning to seize up when turned to the right, as well) but not the other.  I tried doing some meditation podcasts to relieve stress; also, when I started crying out of self-pity, I tried to ride the wave and just keep on bawling in hopes that that would get rid of stress and make my neck work again.  No dice.

I’m currently wearing a sticky-thing that’s supposed to provide a cooling sensation followed by a “soothing” heat sensation, which I figured was a low-mainenance way of doing the “icing-then-heating” thing.  The cooling sensation barely felt like anything; it’s certainly no substitute for ice, I’ll tell you right now.  The warming sensation is not soothing per se – feels like the same shit they put on those awful Fire and Ice condoms Minx and I had, which is to say, an unholy chemical burn – but it’s not uncomfortable (on my neck.  On my mucous membranes, NO THANK YOU) and maybe it will help.

I can still pose, kind of; the rest of my body works.  I just can’t move my head or left arm in certain ways.  I’m gonna tell my instructors that I threw my neck out but will do the best I can.

V came over and helped me out for a few hours, btw.  She’s amazing.  I gave her some money and got her to go buy me those heating/cooling patches, the apple cider vinegar, some magnesium supplements (because magnesium helps with muscle pain) and some cat food (because Bastardcat was running low).  Then she made us some food and did my dishes.  She also tried to hunt down a bee I’d seen in my kitchen earlier (because yeah, life didn’t suck enough yet today; I also have to have one of my biggest phobias loose in my apartment) but couldn’t find it.  I haven’t seen it again, either; even when I did see it, it was just slowly crawling around on my kitchen window, not flying around or anything.  So hopefully it’s dying or found its way out or whatever.


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2 responses to “Well, I’m fucked.

  1. kaija24

    Sorry to hear about your neck 😦 For what its worth, if you’ve strained a muscle or tweaked something, the heat/ice/etc. will help alleviate some of the discomfort but there really is no way of “fixing” or speed-healing. Rest and recovery just takes as long as it takes…and that’s frustrating sometimes.

    I hope you can work around it without too much discomfort…take it easy in between jobs and try to rest comfortably as much as possible. *hugs*

    • I’m pretty sure this is just a random reaction to stress. It’s happened before, always during a busy time in my life and always on the left side.

      It actually seems to be easing up a bit now, thank god. This was one hell of a rough day.

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