A light at the end of the tunnel? Or just an oncoming train?

So, it’s a long story but I think maybe my friend and I got our wires crossed and the shift that she asked me to take over is on Thursday, not Wednesday.  I left a message for the class coordinator asking for confirmation; we’ll see.

I kind of hope it is on Thursday.  I can still do it – I have an evening class on Thursday but this one is in the afternoon, and there would be enough time to travel in between.  And I think I’d rather have all of Wednesday off and then two classes on Thursday than one class per day every day for the next four days, y’know?  Sometimes it’s just nice not to have to get up and go anywhere.  Plus that one day off could be a huge step in me healing from yesterday’s crazy pose-a-thon*.


*I left footprints on the classroom wall, yo.  At head height.  They wanted poses with energy, they got them!

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