In case I didn’t make it clear before, I was awesome in class yesterday.  I think it may have been my best work ever.  Basically, I was motherfucking Spiderman.  Except Spiderman wouldn’t have gotten period cramps midway through the afternoon and then soldiered on, anyway.  Because yeah, I forgot to mention it but that totally happened.

Later last night, after writing my previous entry, my lower back began to seize up to a point where it hurt to take a deep breath.  I Googled what to do for back spasms and it said to ice the area to reduce inflammation.  I did that and it helped almost immediately.  I also rested as much as I possibly could; I didn’t actually get sleepy until 1am or so, but I pretty much spent all evening lying in bed watching NetFlix (and I did get around nine hours’ sleep, although I had to get up seriously five times in the night to go pee).  I think all of this helped.  I’m still sore all over, but my lower back is doing surprisingly well.

Today’s afternoon class is a simple one: half of it in a standing pose, half in a seated pose.  Standing poses are maybe not my favourite thing but I think if I eat and drink enough of the right things beforehand I can manage.  And I’m gonna take another hot soak in epsom salts beforehand.

This evening’s class is, I think, a typical short-poses-segueing-into-longer-poses type deal.  But it’s a fine art class, not an animation class, so they’ll be fine with me doing lots of limp, flowy, arty-looking things that don’t strain my muscles too much.  And when I get home I’m gonna probably take another bath and then lie around watching Netflix some more.

I think I can get through this week without damaging my body or having some kind of mental break.  Fingers crossed.

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