Another Pedant email.

Me [last night before bed]: Was trying on potential outfits for today’s kink-themed drawing class and noticed I was having a visible-sixpack day.  Decided the moment needed to be commemorated.  [Pic attached: slightly blurry headless mirror pic of me in hot pink sports bra and matching* boxer briefs, sixpack indeed visible.]

Pedant [first thing this morning]: It absolutely did. 😀

Frankly, I wasn’t sure he’d even respond to that message since he’s so busy with work lately and it’s clearly not urgent or time-sensitive.

It was a nice thing to wake up to.

*Well, not intended to match, since these are actual men’s underwear, not those stupid “boy shorts” for women that are so tiny they wedge right up your ass, leaving your butt-cheeks on display like no actual pair of boys’ shorts would ever do.  But serendipitously the same colour, shall we say.

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