Benefit of the doubt raises its moderately attractive head

Hung out with The Social Worker tonight and he told me about his Pedant run-in in more detail.  TSW was working late and on his way out he saw The Pedant in the lobby but couldn’t place his face.  Then he realized who it was and (in a haze of tiredness from having worked like fifteen hours that day) came up and blurted out “Oh, you’re The Pedant!  Cowgirl’s boyfriend, right?”

The Pedant did not flinch excessively or look horrified by that descriptor (at least not that TSW can recall).  He responded with something like “That’s me, all right.  How could anyone forget this face?”  Tentative d’awwwwww.

And TSW was like “Ha, I’ll have to tell Cowgirl that we ran into each other.”

To which – as we know – The Pedant replied “No, I’ll tell her.”  In TSW’s one-man recreation of this scene, his tone is totally innocuous.  Not weirdly insistent or shady or anything.

TSW worked late again tonight, and therefore saw The Pedant again.  TSW mentioned that he might be having a drink with me a bit later, and The Pedant said to say hi for him, and also to tell me that he doesn’t get good cell reception in the building so he can’t really be conversing with me at work.  (NB: I don’t think I’ve ever texted or called The Pedant when I thought he was at work.  He must have been wanting me to know why he hasn’t really been in contact with me.)  Tentative d’awwww, again.

In conclusion: who the hell knows why The Pedant said “No, I’ll tell her”?  I’m guessing The Pedant is just weird.  Doesn’t seem like anything nefarious is afoot, though.


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2 responses to “Benefit of the doubt raises its moderately attractive head

  1. rm

    My guess is The Pedant’s reaction was along the lines of “I am in a romantic relationship with Cowgirl, so I’ll probably have the opportunity to see/talk to Cowgirl before TSW, therefore I might as well be the one to tell her about this meeting” and was, as you say, not at all nefarious.

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