Texting with The Pedant. And with V. But not simultaneously.

I feel like transcribing that recent conversation with The Pedant for posterity (since my phone will only save so many text messages):

Me [at 4am]: I am craving the taste of your neck; that spot an inch or so under your left ear.  Wanna throw you down, push your head back by the jaw and drag my tongue sllllowwwwwly across your skin.  Prrrawr.

Pedant [many hours later]: Purrr. 🙂

Me: Do you think about me when you jerk off?

Pedant: Yup. 

Me: Good. 😀

Pedant: I assume that’s reciprocal.

Me: Very much yes. [And then, two hours later:] …Case in point: right now.

Pedant: LOL

Me: I’m sorry, did you say something?  I’m suddenly very sleepy and unfocused.

[I was, too.]


Meanwhile, before I sent my sext to The Pedant last night, V texted me to say she hoped her offer of dating didn’t make me uncomfortable.  This then segued to random conversation.  Here are some highlights:

V: …I think lesbians are psychic and thus can only speak to other lesbians.  IN THEIR MINDS! :O

Me: :O

V: It’s true!  I made it up to be true!

Me: You can invent true things?  I want that superpower!

V: Yep!  I invented that superpower.

Me: *Facepalm*

[Later, still talking about V’s “superpower” of making things up that become true…]

V: I paid a lot of money to a lot of important doctors and English teachers to agree with me!  So it’s all legitimate!

Me: Well, yeah.  Cuz if the dodgy superpower isn’t legitimate, the body has ways of shutting that whole thing down.

V: So, let’s say that, theoretically, I decided to get rid of this “legitimate superpower”, would I be legally allowed to do so? o.O

Me: I think you might have to go to Mexico.  Or: DIY coathanger lobotomy.

V: If I get it out of my system, can I still keep it?  Like, in a jar or something? :O

Me: I am totally gonna put water, glitter, and glow stick powder in a jar and tell people it’s the medical waste from a superpowerectomy.


And today we were sporadically in touch, too, both by FetLife message and text.

I like this girl’s intellect and sense of humour.  I like her directness.  I like how she’ll send me chatty little texts just telling me about her day.

I think I may be ever-so-slightly smitten. 😀


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