More Pedant texts

I should probably immortalize this snippet from a few days ago (I think it’s cute):

Me: …In other news, I am in SO MUCH Pedant withdrawal righ tnow.  You have no idea.  Stoopid job ruining my fun. 😦  Tried falling asleep with my face buried in Bastardcat’s chest fur.  Not a viable substitute.

Pedant: Because he’s less furry?

Me: More because he tends to reach out and claw my head.  Affectionately, mind you, but still.  You are far better at expressing affection using your pointy bits.

Pedant: I’ll leave you a nail file to blunt his pointy bits.

Me: I have a nail file.  He won’t stand for it.

Pedant: Better if he’s lying down, I think.

Me: Har har. [Pause.] Also, that’s what she said.

I dunno.  I just find it really adorable when he makes jokes about his own furriness.  Perhaps because it indicates that he’s confident in my attraction to him.  He knows that historically I’ve gone for hairless twinks; but I’ve also told him that I’ve grown to love his fur – not just tolerate it but actively find it attractive.  And he clearly believes this because I don’t think he would deliberately draw attention to a feature he thinks I hate.    



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