In an unprecedented burst of I-no-longer-give-a-fuck-itude, I have tentatively decided to go back on red meat.

A bunch of years ago, my then-husband read about factory farming practices and convinced me to go vegetarian, then vegan.  I later adopted some animal products back into my diet, but felt conflicted about it and kind of arbitrarily drew the line at eating mammals.

But now the window of Things I Can Eat seems to be closing even further; I figured out years ago that I can’t have soy protein or gluten, but lately it seems like any processed food I eat (even stuff that’s soy and gluten-free) messes me up a little bit.  I suspect I have a whole lot of other food sensitivities I haven’t isolated and identified yet.

Eating at home has become boring and repetitive.  Eating in restaurants has become damn near impossible.  So it’s time to broaden my horizons.

I just ate bacon for the first time* in probably fifteen years.  And eggs.  Bacon and eggs!  Just like a normal person!  And my stomach didn’t implode or anything!

And the other day I bought ground beef and put it in some soup.  The soup was not as tasty as I’d anticipated, but I don’t think that’s the beef’s fault.  I’d put in a bunch of chopped-up peppers and they’re giving it a faintly bitter taste that I don’t like.  I should’ve gone in a more tomato-y direction with it, I think.

Bacon is about as delicious as I remembered, and beef seems like a pretty cost-effective and inoffensive alternative to chicken, but overall I think maaaaybe I won’t be keeping any of that stuff around on a regular basis.  I still feel conflicted about eating piggies and moo-cows, and there’s the whole saturated fat thing, and I just remembered that apparently too much red meat will make a person’s secretions taste bitter, which I don’t want.  Guys who’ve gone down on me have complimented me on my flavour many times, and why mess with a good thing?

I’m glad to know that I’m still capable of eating that stuff without my colon turning inside out or something.  And I’m super glad to have increased options when dining out.  But maybe I won’t go on some huge red meat rampage just  yet.

We’ll see.


*On purpose, that is.  I’m sure some kind of broth or fat or byproduct has made it into my system by accident on occasion.


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11 responses to “Omnivore?

  1. Leah

    I’m surprised you didn’t get crippling pains from breaking down and processing the animal meats. Often the body will quit making the enzymes needed (“use it or lose it”) if you don’t eat meat long enough.

    Saturated fat isn’t actually terrible for you like has been long believed. Neither is cholesterol, which was debunked a looong time ago. Everything in moderation. We NEED these fats for our brain, health, and happiness. Fat makes you full. You are not nearly as likely to overeat if you’re consuming enough fat and protein, because you will be full and satisfied..

    • Leah

      Also, for the record, I have consistently been told that I taste great, and the common flavor descriptor is “tangy,” and I eat moderate amounts of meats (not fish).

    • Well, don’t forget I’ve been eating chicken and fish all this time. Those probably take the same enzymes as red meat does.

      Trust me, I’m not a person who’s terrified of eating fat in general…actually I have a tendency to slather mayo on everything. And tonight’s dinner was bacon, eggs, and an entire package of Camenbert cheese. But I did think saturated fat was bad…I’ll have to check out the article you linked me. 🙂

      • Leah

        Yay!! I loooove cheese and eggs! I only linked you the one article, this guy is serious business and his articles are always long, but he backs everything up witch evidence, and even the comment discussions are very interesting. Feel free to google as well – most that I saw that continue to say saturated fat is bad for you are the sites that benefit from you being ill (so gross, I know). I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know that the medical system here needs people to incorrectly manage their health. And any system that is pro-cow milk as “healthy” is suspect.

  2. boorf

    You might try, like, paleo blogs for recipes that make good use of meat and eggs w/o processed ingredients/gluten/whatev.

    • Yeah, for sure. My biggest hurdle in cooking is just that I’m kinda low-energy some days and it’s hard to stand up long enough to chop things and sautée things and add spices and whatnot.

      But if I don’t eat well – if I just grab something fast and kinda junky – it messes with my energy levels. So it can be a vicious cycle. 😛

      • Hey, I almost always chop veggies sitting at the kitchen table. Also, I think that “tasting good” to your fellow sexy times partners might have more to do with the pheromones etc than what you eat. Some people just smell and taste wrong to me. I also taste very tasty to Wonderboy – so he tells me – and I eat a whole lot of meat. 😉

        • Mrs. Edge eats pretty much what I do – chicken, steak, fish, eggs, milk, cheese (actually, I don’t eat dairy anymore). She barely tastes like anything, so I’d say that there are other factors at work than just diet.

        • Good point about the pheromones. 🙂

          I don’t have a kitchen table or even a coffee table. Sometimes I’ll chop veggies while lying in bed. 😛

  3. I tried being a vegetarian once. It was the worst six hours of my life.

    • I can imagine! I was vegetarian for years – vegan, actually, for some of that – and it was hard! I do believe in animal rights, but to be honest I think I remained veggie/vegan mostly to avoid my husband’s disapproval.

      I will never be doing that again.

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