Fuck you, too, WordPress.

I just wrote a post and things fucked up before I could actually publish it.  And no draft was saved.


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4 responses to “Fuck you, too, WordPress.

  1. writingthebody

    OK…this has happened to me as well. Often there is a draft – it is worth checking, but I guess you did that. It is a crapper. The weirdest thing that happens to me is that sometimes if I publish it and then go on to write a second one, the first one gets lost. And one time someone’s comment written on the first one ended up on the second one – with the first post completely gone. To guard against that I log in and out between posts if I am doing more than one…

    • Oh god, I’ve had a second post “overwrite” a first one before, too! Bleah.

      This was a different thing; I finished my post and went to hit “publish” but the button was grayed out because WordPress was autosaving a draft. But instead of taking a few seconds, the “saving” went on for like five minutes straight and finally I hit the refresh button. The rest, as they say, is history.

      Shitty, shitty history.

  2. Fnord

    Well, that sucks.

  3. Eep

    Thats crap 😦 only suggestion i have is maybe copying and pasing any post into a word doc and only when its been published ok get rid of the word version. Just a thought 🙂

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