Epiphanies and wishes and sexting, oh my!

Remember how I said I’ve postponed errands and stuff for The Pedant before when he turned out only to be free on the day I was gonna, say, work on a painting or go to the bank?  And that I feel stupid now for making those sacrifices because The Pedant clearly isn’t doing the same?

Remember how I’ve also mentioned that The Pedant will often start out saying “I can only stay until tomorrow afternoon (or whenever) because I have stuff to do” but then he ends up staying a second night anyway?

At the time, my best guess was that he makes up imaginary “stuff to do,” either to give him an excuse to leave if he thinks I’m getting tired of him, or so he’ll look busier than he actually is (and I’d value my time with him more)…but then the Cowgirl-time was so good he abandoned this conceit and came back to bed.

Now it suddenly occurs to me that he’s probably doing the exact same thing I do – postponing stuff he should get done because there’s not a huge deadline on it just yet and being with me is more important.

It seems like he’s better at keeping to his own schedule when I’m not around – like when I asked him over for a Monday and he said no because he needed to put in a job application – but once he’s over here, he is hard-pressed (heh) to resist my womanly wiles.

In other news, here’s a text conversation The Pedant and I just had (further to him mentioning that he might not be able to visit on Wednesday because he has an interview Tuesday and they may want him to start immediately):

Me: I hope you don’t turn out to be working Wed because I invented a game called Caress All The Things that I think you’d be great at.  If you beat level one, the difficulty goes up and you have to use your mouth.  🙂   And if you beat level two… [devil emoticon]

Pedant: Didn’t I already get a high score in that game the last time I played it? 😉

Me: I don’t remember the last time you played it (SICK BURN).

Pedant: I remember the sound that came out of the game.  It seemed to indicate victory.

Me: Gosh, you’ll have to remind me. 🙂

He’d better get his hot ass over here on Wednesday.  SRSLY.

I’ve observed before that I’m an overthinky, anxious person and the best way to shut up the constant chatter in my head is to give me strong (but preferably pleasant) bodily sensations that I can’t help but focus on.  I’ve been freaking out about my financial situation pretty hard lately, and cold calling a bunch of people in order to try to get some modelling jobs (and I hate talking to people on the phone) so right now I need that escape, more than ever.  I need someone to take me out of my head and let me enjoy some silence for a change.

The miraculous thing about my sexual chemistry with The Pedant is that my brain can almost reach that state of perfect stillness when I’m doing stuff to him: I get all slow and focused like I remember feeling the few times I’ve tried smoking pot.  It’s lovely, and it fulfills my craving for D/s in a big way to have him tied up and moaning under my fingertips.

But in terms of pure brain rejuvenation, being on the receiving end of someone’s physical attentions is optimal.  The right type and duration of touch will wipe my mind entirely clean for a while and give me a feeling of euphoria that leaves me just fuckin’ flying – shaking and crying and unable to form coherent words.  Minx has gotten me there before just by lightly caressing me from head to toe as I lay on my stomach – I could feel the endorphins releasing into my brain in discrete little firework bursts.

I want that.  I want petgasms, and also orgasms.  I want my head filled with white, clean, ringing silence.  And I want it all from The Pedant.

He can rebuild me.  He has the technology.

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