Incoming PedantTalk…

I emailed The Pedant to tell him that making plans with Pixie on a day he’d agreed to be here was Not Okay.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized I shouldn’t just let it pass.

I figured out why I initially stayed silent, though: because I hate the feeling of liking someone more than they like me; I hate that imbalance.  Feels like the other person has power over me.  And although The Pedant doesn’t necessarily like me less than I like him, it feels like it a little if he’s cavalierly ditching our plans to go see someone else and I confess to feeling hurt by it.

So I guess my gut reaction was to act just as blasé as he was so he didn’t know I felt vulnerable.  

But he probably just didn’t realize that he was being rude.  What I’m betting happened is that Pixie called him and said they should hang out sometime soon, and he was like “Hey, maybe you and Cowgirl and I could all hang out.  I’ll be at her place tomorrow anyway.  I’ll ask her.” and Pixie said that sounded good.  

And then The Pedant accidentally said to me, “Pixie and I are going for coffee tomorrow and you’re welcome to come along” when he meant “Pixie was saying we should all go for coffee tomorrow.  What do you think?”  It’s a subtle but important difference and he may not be able to grasp it unless I point it out.

So I did.

When he responds I’ll transcribe the whole exchange.

Speaking of confrontations – still no word from Minx re: her little blowup the other night.  But it looks like she hasn’t been on Facebook since then so she may not be ignoring me in particular.

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