The Pedant just emailed me…to say that he’d only gotten three hours’ sleep last night due to insomnia and so he was “zombified” and in no shape to go out and look for jobs. So apparently he can in fact change his plans.  Just not for me.

Can I just say, a lot of deadbeat exes have stood me up and then used “I fell asleep” as an excuse, so sleep-as-excuse is kind of a hotbutton for me.  Between The Baby Duck’s bullshit the other night and now this, I am having a rough few days.

The Pedant did say he’d let me know his availability this week the second he finds out, himself (those were his actual words: the second he finds out).  I appreciate that he wrote me so soon (I really didn’t think I’d hear from him for a few days) and that he seems to recognize the importance of keeping me in the loop.

I’ve been having a lot of insomnia lately, myself, and this makes me all squirrelly and paranoid.  I have no idea whether it’s reasonable for me to be upset that he didn’t come over and didn’t end up going on his job quest.

Also, if he thinks I’ll be free whenever he ends up wanting to come over, he’s sorely mistaken.  At present my time is booked up til Friday.  A lot of these “plans” are things I  could postpone, but from here on in I refuse to bend my plans for The Pedant on principle.

Okay, fuck this shit, I have to get off the computer and go get groceries.


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3 responses to “OH FOR CHRISSAKES.

  1. J

    Hello perversecowgirl,
    This may be the longshot of longshots… but here I am giving it a shot! My name is J (full details etc will be provided if you decide to contact me) and I am a 26 year old British citizen currently living in LA.

    “My turn-ons include correct grammar and skinny genderqueer submissive boys fifteen years my junior.”

    And here is where I make my serendipitous entry: I fit your wishlist (almost) to a tee – I’m 26, athletic and skinny and highly interested in being a live-in sub during my remaining time in America. I have a honors degree in English Lit from one of the world’s highest ranked universites, so hopefully good grammar is a given. If I intrigue you at all, could you possibly provide me with a way to further contact you/send pics/more info? My email is bluealabaster AT gmail. And if you don’t want to contact me; just let me say your blog has given me a great deal of enjoyment. It’s rare to find someone who can write with clarity,humour and knowing irony regarding the messy-as-hell topic that is internet/s&m sexuality, but you’ve figured it out! Consider yourself bookmarked.

    Have a great day, J

    • Greetings, J, and thank you for the lovely message. 🙂

      Your offer is intriguing. However, I live in Canada in a one-bedroom apartment far too small for a second person, so I think the live-in-sub idea is not meant to be.

      It’s awfully nice to be asked, though. And by someone who paid attention to my requirements and wrote in full, correctly-spelled sentences, too! 😀

      • J

        No problem, at least I got the right continent :). Would you be able to send me links to your other pages/writings/fetlife etc? There is nothing better than an intelligent, funny woman who is in command of her sexuality, so allow me to continue a (virtual) fantasy, at the very least.

        Also…. nice font on your blog! (pedantic I know, but I’m a stickler for details!)

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