I have all the hips.

My last pics didn’t show as much of my midsection as I’d initially thought.  Really, for you to understand what I’m saying when I tell you my hips have a steeper-than-average swoop, you’d need to see a picture like this one:


Also, my stomach seems to wax and wane on a practically hourly basis, but I took these pics on a day when I hadn’t eaten any unusual foods and right after pooping, so look, abs!  



I rarely see my mighty sixpack anymore so I wanted to commemorate the occasion.

The colours are probably all screwed up in these pics because it’s late enough at night that f.lux is in full effect on my computer.  Oh well.

I understand it when someone sees me in their peripheral vision and mistakes me for a dude, btw.  I’m six feet tall and I know most other people this height are guys; it’s a reasonable enough assumption, at first glance, that I’m a guy, too.  It’s somewhat more vexing when someone’s looking right at me and I’m wearing a form-fitting dress, which has happened twice lately.  

The way I figure it, even if I didn’t have hips and breasts, being in a dress means I’m presenting as female which means people should use girl-pronouns with me.  That’s what I’d do if I saw someone of indeterminate gender wearing girl-clothes.  


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5 responses to “I have all the hips.

  1. Leah

    Yes. Wow. I really, REALLY don’t see how you can be mistaken from behind or straight on (thanks for the update, btw! ^_^) as a man. You have a very feminine shape, and it’s quite lovely! You and I are vastly different, and I like that: I’m barely 5’2 with a rather large chest for my size (not burdensomely so like some though) and a big, round ass with accompanying thighs – my measurements are 36-29-38 if you measure at my widest part, which is a bit lower than where my hips actually sit (my true hips are 36.5, but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to measure the widest part in the area). Probably I don’t get confused for males because of my height/boobs, and maybe because I wear yoga pants a lot? I really don’t know, my hair is really short. And if people can determine that I’m female from MY shape, I feel like it has to be IMPOSSIBLE not to do that with such an obvious figure like yours (AND in a dress!)

    • People are weird. Minx and I had someone yell “lesbians!” at us out their car window one time – they’d gotten my gender correct, but assumed Minx must also be female because he was shorter than me and had long hair.

      For me, hip-to-shoulder ratio plays a big part in determining whether someone’s male or female. It’s not foolproof but I think it’s better than going by things like height and hair length.

  2. Moz in Oz

    OMG, you is georgeousness personified.

    I have noticed that most tall women have wide hips, I suspect it’s something to do with walking upright 🙂 More likely it’s tied into the rest of the growing process. If you keep growing for longer than usual, you’ll be taller but also wider. At the other end of the spectrum are the tiny hipless women (typically with family histories featuring malnourishment – that takes a couple of generations to grow out).

    I have been wondering how to ask for pics for a while now, but it didn’t seem appropriate.

    I suspect being mistaken for a dude also has something to do with how you move. If you’re confident and stride rather than taking little steps that will help push people subconsciously toward regarding you as male. I have one friend who’s also ~190cm with a very similar build, but she tends to skulk because otherwise she’s easily seen as socially dominant and masculine. Which kinda sucks (except when she wants her own way). But yeah, she’s an ex-gf so I may be biased. We found it a bit hard to talk about because she kept going “but you’re bi, and feminist, and like strong women, so you *would* say that”. To which I’d say “you mean I like women that can be distinguished from doormats”. But yes, she did find that people would over-estimate how strongly she was affecting group decisions. Interestingly, less so in Oz/NZ than in the UK and US.

    • “Gorgeousness personified”? Damn, I’ll take it. 😀

      I do have a long stride, although it’s still feminine (I’ve researched “male” and “female” body language a lot in my quest to become a passable drag king).

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