Link is narrow and I am not: a visual aid.

Link accidentally left a pair of his boxer-briefs here.  This is a picture of them laid overtop of my body (which coincidentally is also clad in men’s boxer-briefs).

boxers times 2

I don’t even think Link is that teeny of a person.  He’s, like, six feet and 165 lbs or so, same as me.  But, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I have All The Hips.  It’s why art students love to draw me and it’s why it confounds me when people mistake me for a dude (which happened again recently, twice, while I was wearing dresses).

Posing for art classes  has helped me to become a lot more comfortable with my body, by the way, and I’m in kind of a sassy mood today, so here are a couple more photos.  I’m probably not going to make a habit of this.

boxers3 boxers4


I’m not posting these because I need validation or approval from anyone (well, I may have included my hands in these shots with a particular person in mind).  Mostly I’m just wanting more of a connection with my regular commenters, I guess.  I want you guys to feel like you’re “talking” to more than a collection of disembodied words.  And I wanna show that when I’ve said I’m tall/pale/hippy/etc., I wasn’t fuckin’ around.

But of course you can say nice things if you want to.  Or mean things.  I draw the line at comments about what you’d like to do to me, though – those are squicky.



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11 responses to “Link is narrow and I am not: a visual aid.

  1. You’re gorgeous! And I love your blog 🙂

  2. trillian

    Wow, I imagined you a lot skinnier/bonier (exactly because you said you are mistaken for a dude – how?!)… I agree you are gorgeous, and your hands are absolutely BEATIFUL! : )

  3. At that height/weight, I thought you’d be bonier too. My ex is 6′ and 165 lbs too, and she’s lanky as fuck.

    I suspect you may have won the genetics lottery.

    • My body is a gigantic version of my mother’s (she’s 5’3). I do feel like I won the genetic lottery in some ways…my metabolism is pretty fast and I have visible abs (well, on a good day) for no discernible reason. My mom has the stomach muscles, too – or did, when she was my age. Not sure now.

  4. Leah

    To show your hip size I would have preferred a pic that included your waist for ratio, but nice pics nonetheless. You have nice legs! I connect by seeing people’s faces, though I see why you wouldn’t want to for privacy purposes 🙂

    • Yeah, faces are optimal but I totally wouldn’t reveal that much here. 🙂 I’d email you face pics, though, if you wanted. I mean, since I like you lots and you’ve been commenting here for like two years…

  5. Fnord

    I said you weren’t my physical type before. I may have to take that back.

    Well, actually probably not; I have a bit of a fetish for hair, and a shaved head would be a pretty big barrier for me. But based on the content of THESE pictures, you certainly look good.

    • I am total anathema to the hair fetishists, it’s true. Luckily, there are plenty of guys out there who feel neutral on the subject or actively like my hairstyle. Certainly it’s more convenient during sex. 😀

  6. gingernic

    Oh my. Your hands are lovely (thank you/squee!/&c). I can definitely see why students like to draw you.

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