Odds & Ends

Minx just listed me as “family” on Facebook.  We’re stepsisters now.  This is likely his response to my text about how I don’t want to date him even if it seems like we’re doing couple-y things together; seems like he’s tacitly telling me he gets it, and that he considers us close but not in a romantic way.  Cool.

During The Pedant’s last visit, after he shaved my head, he noticed he’d missed a couple of hairs behind each of my ears – hairs too long for his electric razor to cut.  He reached for my tweezers and I said “Don’t pluck them out!”  The Pedant replied that he wasn’t going to; he was just gonna use the tweezers to sort of prop up the hairs so he could cut them with scissors.  I said that other people have plucked hairs in this sort of situation* and that’s why I got nervous.  The Pedant smirked and said, “I’m not people.”

He means that he’s more perceptive or intelligent or awesome or something than the average guy.  See also: the time when I emailed him about an issue I was having with him – an issue that had been bothering me a while – and said I’d let it fester because previous partners have reacted badly to me bringing things up so I tend to automatically stifle this stuff out of self-preservation.  He replied something like “I’m sure other men have reacted badly in this sort of situation.  I’m not other men.”

His bravado in this matter makes me want to hug him and ruffle his hair.  See, I don’t think he is that different from other men.  I’ve dated dudes who handled conflict exceedingly well, and I’m sure he’s not the only guy on Earth who would know not to pluck hairs off a person’s head.  I think he’s trying to sell himself to me (as if I weren’t already totally smitten…).  He’s trying to say “Yeah, okay, I’m probably Aspie and this makes me do some weird and infuriating things, but, look at all this good stuff I do!”

Generally, The Pedant comes off as sort of reticent.  I mean, you’ve seen some of his texts and emails to me.  He’s not terribly effusive.  But his  “I’m not like other guys” schtick lets me know that he wants to win my favour – that my opinion of him matters.  And that’s hot.


*Minx and I were on the bus one time and he saw a long, wispy hair on the back of my neck that I must have repeatedly missed with my razor.  Without warning, he grabbed it with his fingers and ripped it out.  I hate the feeling of individual head-hairs being pulled or plucked, and had told him this before, but he forgot.  I spent the rest of the bus ride basically triggered to the point of having a panic attack.

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