Link’s visit so far: not so grate, akshully.

Well, Link is kinda pissing me off already.

The main problem is that he thinks he’s a service-oriented sub (with me, anyway; he doesn’t identify as a sub in general) but he’s not.  He has a fetish for being sexually “used” but that’s not the same thing.

Also, it’s become clear to me that his preoccupation with assholes and vulvas is a fetish, too. He’s only been here for like six waking hours and already sometimes I feel like he doesn’t even know I have a face.

The last time I saw him – maybe five years ago – I was still really in the process of “finding myself” as a dominant; women are so totally trained to put others’ needs ahead of their own that it takes a long time, sometimes, to separate what you want from what someone else wants.  I went along with some of Link’s bullshit because I was still in the habit of catering to dudes’ kinks rather than asserting my own.

This time around, Link’s insolence is a lot more clear to me.  But I’m still not great at conflict, and his issues run so deep that there would probably be conflict if I tried to fix ’em – so I’m not sure what to do.

But, okay, first thing’s first.  Here’s how the reunion went.

He arrived here last night and I went downstairs to meet him wearing just my bathrobe because I was fresh from a shower.  We kissed hello at my front door and he said “you’re naked under there, aren’t you?”  I said “You can’t prove anything” and he immediately fell to his knees and began to spread the robe so he could bury his face in my crotch (vulva fetish).  A cute boy on his knees giving me immediate oral sex was okay with me, but being within full view of the street was not (Link is a hardcore exhibitionist so this was no doubt a plus for him).  I stepped back and told him no and we brought his bags up to my place.

Once inside, he stripped off his protective motorcycle suit thing and then once again fell to his knees and put his face between my legs as I stood in my bedroom doorway.  He fumbled for the tie of my bathrobe, and I shrugged out of it.  Amazingly, Link still remembered what I like, orally.  He may have a cunnilingus fetish but he doesn’t do it to the total exclusion of his partners’ preferences, like many guys do.  He pays attention and does what his partner likes.  I did feel a little bit like a disembodied vulva, though, the way he was focusing so intensely on that area.  Like, ever since he’d arrived he’d been staring at my crotch way more than my face.

Eventually, I gently disengaged and told him to go take a shower (he’d been travelling by motorcycle all day).  After that we lay on my bed naked and just chatted for a bit.  He’s quite cute and articulate and knowledgable on a wide range of subjects…it was nice catching up with him.

I brought up the thing where he thought he had HPV warts around his anus but now he thinks they’re hemorrhoids.  It doesn’t seem like those two things could be confused that easily, but he gave me a pretty legit-sounding explanation of why he now thinks it’s a hemorrhoid issue.  Nonetheless I said I’d be refraining from intercourse with him and taking precautions with other activities until he went to a clinic and found out for sure.  (That’s where he is now, which is how I can be typing this.)

It came up that Link is hugely turned on by the concept of sluttiness – he asked me how many guys I’ve fucked in the past month and was disappointed that it was just one.  On one hand, it’s nice that he doesn’t slut shame.  On the other hand, he kind of wouldn’t shut up about how awesome it would be if I went out and fucked a bunch of dudes, and it’s like, cool story bro but that’s not who I am so maybe try to focus on things about me that are actually true.

Around that point in the conversation, Link began to jerk off.  While continuing to talk about me fucking a bunch of dudes.  And then talking about random women he finds hot and would like to fuck.  Honestly, I was a bit pissed that he just started jerkin’ it out of the blue like that – in what way is it submissive or service-oriented to start pleasuring yourself whenever the hell you feel like it, with no regard for the other person in the room? – but I let that part slide.  I did repeatedly prompt him to monologue about guys he wants to fuck instead of chicks; I’ll be damned if I sit here watching him get off without asking permission and listening to him talk about shit that doesn’t turn me on.

Link asked me to put some fingers in his ass and jerk him off, so I did that.  His reactions were pretty awesome.  Apparently it’s been years since a woman’s been inside him, and also he’s not accustomed to anyone having such long fingers.  I stroked his cock and finger-banged the shit out of him, and pretty soon he knocked my wank-hand aside and took over himself (he has a weird stop/start thing he does that I can’t replicate).  After he was done, he regretted how rough I’d been – but conceded that I’d only been doing what he requested.

We kept talking and a little later, he randomly began wanking again.  This time he asked me to sit on his face to help with the process, so I did.  I’m not super into face-sitting, but Link’s ministrations did turn me on (and I was annoyed that he’d started masturbating a second time when I hadn’t even come once yet) so I instructed him to get on top and give me oral properly.  He tried, at first, to wank at the same time, but quickly abandoned this because it was too awkward.  I enjoyed his mouth but couldn’t quite come, so I ended up getting myself off twice with my vibrator while Link probed my g-spot with his fingers.  He resumed masturbating with the other hand but I told him not to come until after I did.

In the end, he couldn’t come at all.  Or rather, he was taking so long that I got bored, and it was skeeving me out a little bit the way he jerked off while staring fixedly at my crotch and asshole, so I told him “come in 20 seconds or you don’t get to” and started to count.  He didn’t make the cut, so too bad for him.

The next morning he jerked off again, and asked for a toy in his ass.  You guys know I love ass play, and indeed I did fuck him with a toy, but it still bugged me that he came here to be my “sex slave” and yet seemed to be calling all the shots.  He came on his hands and knees as I pushed a dildo in and out of his ass, and I assumed he’d catch the semen in his hand, but he didn’t; he came all over the sheets.  As he got up to go clean off, he was like “Yeeeah, I came all over your bed.”  I said “You’d better get your ass back in here and clean it up, then.”  He ignored this and hopped in the shower so I wiped up his mess my damn self.  GRRRR.

Now he’s just texted me back that he does indeed have HPV warts on his ass.  This, in addition to the other annoying things, is making me think I’ll cut this visit short.

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July 16, 2013 · 4:42 pm

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