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The Pedant’s latest visit was so lovely.  I can’t write about it in as much detail as I’d like, because Link is arriving a day earlier than expected and will be here within an hour or so.  The synopsis:

-Yesterday we had sex pretty much the second he got in the door.  Or at least the foreplay started the second he got in the door.  I’d meant to make the whole thing last a really long time but probably the whole encounter took less than an hour.  I was on top and he wasn’t tied up; when he came, he tried to buck his head and torso upward and I shoved him back down with a forearm across his chest (I asked him, later, if he liked that; he said he did.  So my instinct was right).  He then fell asleep before I could get off, which frustrated me.

-After The Pedant napped a while, we ate dinner and he re-shaved the shaved bits of my head with his Braun CruZer electric razor, which is fucking fantastic and I totally need to get one OMG.  At a few different points in the shaving process he was cupping my chin in his hand to get my head at the angle he needed and it just about made me swoon.

-First thing this morning he made it up to me, lavishing attention on me for probably over an hour.  I ended up coming harder than I ever have in my life.  I’m not actually sure what happened could even be called an orgasm because it did not exactly take the form of orgasms as I know them…there was no discrete beginning, middle, or end.  Goddamn.

-After that, he asked if I’d like to play with him for a while, so I tied him up and teased him and gave him a hand job.  Just as things were getting really good for him he said “you can take me inside you if you want” so I climbed on and rode him to the finish.  His climax was one of those crazy intense ones where he pretty much seemed to be crying, and in a weird trick of emotion (this only seems to happen when I love someone…) the intensity transferred over to me and I cried, too.

-After a few minutes of just clinging silently to each other and shuddering with physical and emotional aftershocks, The Pedant asked me how I was feeling.  I said “…indescribable.  How are you?” he said he was good.  Then he asked me if I’d come again, at the end of the sex (I think that’s why he asked how I was feeling…the crying had disconcerted him and he was trying to work out if I was happy or sad).  I explained that I hadn’t, I just kind of felt the intensity of his orgasm in my brain.  I wish I’d explained further that this only happens with people I love.  Honestly, the urge to drop the L-bomb has been super strong this whole visit…I can’t believe I missed such a perfect way of slipping it into conversation without making some whole huge thing out of it.

-Most of the rest of the day was spent cleaning my apartment some more.  The Pedant suggested this, not me.  He did my dishes, and I tried not to leer (watching a hot guy do my dishes is…kind of a thing for me).  I popped over to the store to get new dish gloves and some groceries and picked up a fizzy drink for him at the same time, which he appreciated.  

-I was having a minor issue with my credit card that necessitated calling the company to straighten things out.  I was freaking out over this, both because I hate calling people and because I didn’t have a lot of faith that the idiots at my bank would actually be helpful.  The Pedant talked me down and was calm and amazing and told me the best way to handle things (he’s worked in many call centres and knows some inside tricks).  The problem ended up being solved really easily and it’s all fine now.

-Link texted to say he’d be here tonight, not tomorrow.  I passed this info on to The Pedant and his first reaction, oddly, was “Pffft!  There’s no way this place’ll be clean by tonight.”  So he was…cleaning my place for me so another sex partner of mine would feel more comfortable here?  Holy shit.

-The Pedant and I went for sushi and then I walked him to his transit stop and we shared many, many soft warm goodbye kisses.

And I’m swooning all over the place.  Holy shit I love The Pedant.  So much.  I think I need to tell him sometime soon or my head might burst.


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