High times ahead. :D

Link says he’ll probably be here by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I relayed this information to The Pedant via email…and he just called me on the phone to tell me he got my email and he’s available to come over tomorrow (Sunday) night and stay through Monday, but if that would give me too much of a bangover* to properly enjoy Link then he understands.  I’m guessing that emailing me back would have left too much to chance and he called me so he’d know I was up to speed.  I like this.

I told The Pedant that I’m willing to take that bangover risk.

So it’s looking like I’ll be fucking The Pedant tomorrow and the next day and then fucking Link for the rest of the week.

Or doing some kind of fun stuff with Link, anyway.  There’s this whole huge saga where he thought he found HPV warts around his asshole (and I told him to go to a doctor to confirm) and he was on the verge of cancelling the visit because of it (because if we can’t do sexual stuff he’s not sure he wants to torment himself by being around me).  Now he’s thinking they may actually be hemorrhoids, in which case we can still totally do all the stuff we were planning on doing together, except that I’ll have to be extra-careful when I peg him because his ass is sore.  He’s going to find a free clinic to go to ASAP and find out what’s what (which, did you notice, I TOLD HIM TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE but he insisted on making a bunch of fatalistic assumptions instead).  Sounds like even if it is HPV, he’s willing to come over anyway.  I told him the rule if it’s HPV will be that whenever we’re doing sexy stuff, one of us has to be wearing pants.  He says that seems fair.

Link is not exactly a sub, but he’s very service-oriented.  He loves to give oral (and – unlike many dudes who love going down on a woman – he actually fucking listens to feedback and adjusts his style accordingly instead of just going at you like a pig burying its face in a trough).  Cunnilingus is hit-or-miss for me, and only maybe five guys (tops) have ever made me come that way.  Link is one of them.

He’s also a freak for anal play (giving and receiving) and is totally gung ho to play a bunch of games I made up, like Let’s See How Much of My Hand I Can Get Inside You;  Your Hole is Mine and I Will Randomly Put Things in It All Day Long Just Because I Goddamn Feel Like It; and Hey, Guess What?  You’re Gonna Put My Biggest Silicone Dick in Your Ass and Then We’re Gonna Walk to the Store.

And he’s a really good photographer, so I may enlist his help in taking some costume photos of me for my portfolio.  He also would like us to make some porn together, which I’m not entirely against.  He was talking about taking artsy black-and-white shots where neither of us is identifiable, for instance, and that sounds pretty hot.

Did I mention he looks like Neil Patrick Harris?

In a way I’m stressed out over The Pedant and Link visiting back-to-back…I like my alone-time and it seems like I’ll barely get that this week.  But I’ve missed The Pedant and want to reconnect with him, and also, gettin’ down with two different hot guys within a short span makes me feel like a total stud and I love it.  Banging a variety of hotties (preferably with at least some loving feelings involved) has always been the dream, for me.  I can’t believe I ever brainwashed myself into thinking I was the monogamous type.

*Discomfort the day after getting laid.  For me it’s usually sore thigh muscles.  For others maybe it’s a sore vagina or bruised cervix.


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2 responses to “High times ahead. :D

  1. Fnord

    Those sound like fun games :).

    Given the context of toy play with someone who maybe has an STI, I offer you Safer Sex Includes Having Clean Toys (fetlife login required); it may all be stuff you already know, but I know it was an education for me when I first found it.

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