Emailing with The Pedant

My city had some power outages recently.  I wrote to The Pedant mid-week to ask how his security guard course is going and whether his area had any blackouts.  He said no, he’s far enough out in the ‘burbs that none of this affected him.  I told him that my power went out for an entire day and I was bored out of my mind…and wished he were here because he’d’ve afford me hours of entertainment that didn’t require any electricity at all, just wrist and ankle restraints and some lube.

He replied “You realize that without your A/C we’d have suffered heat stroke, yeah?”

To which I said: “It actually wasn’t too bad in here that day, heat-wise.  And it’s only the electricity that was out, not the water.  So as long as we moved slooooowly and didn’t get all aerobic with it, things would have been perfectly comfortable.  Mildly sweaty at best.  In which case, time for a cool shower.

“And slowness is what I’ve been craving lately, anyway.  Deliberation.  Languorous friction.  Until you beg for mercy.  Twice.”

I’ll admit that I balked at being so blatantly carnal with The Pedant.  He’s seemed distant lately; this email string was the first peep I’d heard out of him in days, and it was pretty lacklustre.  When I asked how he was faring in the blackouts his reply didn’t include any sort of “How have you been?” for instance, let alone any indication that he misses me or has affectionate feelings for me.  I know he’s busy with his security guard course but I notice he’s still been finding time to comment on people’s shit on Facebook and stuff, so I’m kind of irked.  Irked, and wondering if he’s gone off me a bit for whatever reason.

But I think The Pedant tends to get around his Aspie social cluelessness by mirroring what others do back at them, and I hadn’t been sending mushy stuff to him.  So I decided to  gather my courage and dirty-talk him rather than mirror his aloofness back to him and possibly start some whole huge cycle.

Anyway, he replied to my dirty talk with “That sounds like it would be fun. 😉  I’ll see what day I can come by next week.”

Well…I have to say, I don’t love the vagueness there.  The Pedant sent that message at 2pm on a Friday; does he really not know yet what day his security follow-up thing falls next week?  Why didn’t he at least tell me when he’d have an answer for me?  I’m worried that he may be starting to perceive me as perpetually available so he’s making me his fallback instead of actually putting effort into seeing me.  When he first told me he’d be able to see me sometime next week, he asked what my schedule for that week was like and I told him, truthfully, that I had nothing at all going on…yet.  Perhaps he forgot my addendum that my schedule tends to fill up at the last minute, and just figured he could take his time and claim me whenever.

As it happens, my schedule did kind of fill up.  My American booty call, Link, wants to drop by for a few days on his cross-Canada motorcycle road trip, and told me today that he’s “a few days away” from my city.  I’ve messaged him asking for a more precise ETA, but I figure at the very least, the last half of my week is probably spoken for.  I’ve got a couple of minor things going on at the beginning of the week, as well.

I emailed The Pedant outlining my schedule and offering him either Sunday evening to Monday or Monday to Tuesday, provided he doesn’t mind that a fire inspector might have to come into the apartment on Tuesday morning.

I’m really hoping that a) he can come over at one of those times, because I wasn’t kidding when I told him I crave some major marathon fuckin’ with him, and b) that he’s jolted out of complacency by the realization that I’m not going to be free every single time he wants to come by.

When I was still with Minx and only seeing The Pedant on the side, The Pedant would often ask me places and I’d say no – sometimes because Minx and I were busy that day and sometimes because I wasn’t yet so hooked on The Pedant so it was 50/50 for me whether to see him or stay home watching cartoons.  It felt like he tried harder back then.  It felt like he chased me more.  I want that back.

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