Random stuff

Called the doctor about my recent STI tests today.  I still haven’t gotten around to doing the bloodwork part of the tests, but everything they tested for by swab came back negative.  W00T!

In other news, a big, important-looking piece of mail was delivered here for Minx and I told him that depending on when he comes to pick it up, he could come up and hang with me and Bastardcat for a while.  I think in a weird way my hangouts with Ex and Dog the other day put me in a mood be be all introspective and pick at emotional scabs. 😛  Well, and also Minx met Dog once and is therefore in a better-than-average position to sympathize when I talk about Dog’s situation.  So that’s happening in a couple of hours.  I anticipate that I won’t feel sexually or emotionally drawn to Minx this time around; just distant and kind of bittersweet.  Le sigh.

In still other news, my finances are getting to a point where I need to do something, but there are a few different “somethings” I could do and I’ve been in limbo trying to decide which path to take.  Which is killing me because every day that I spend in this state of limbo is a wasted day that could have been spent working toward my goal – if only I could decide what the goal was.  Pretty sure I’ve come to a decision now, though.  I’ll blog about this in detail at a later time.

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