New plan.

It occurs to me that, as far as The Pedant knows, I prefer to see him once every two weeks or so (because I told him this outright once during a discussion of expectations).  We’ve somehow been seeing each other once a week (or more!) lately, and I love this, but The Pedant may not know that I love it.  So my plan of backing off until he initiates more togethertime, even though I’m dying to fuck him right now?  May backfire.  For all I know he wants to see me, too, but is purposely holding off in accordance with the every-two-weeks thing.  We know he’s not good at reading signals.

But also, I know he’s had a horrible cold over the weekend and may still be fighting it…so even if I wanted to break down and ask him over, now might not be the time.

So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna email him and say something like “I like that we’ve been hanging out more often lately.  Let’s do it again soon – when you’re over your cold and ready to socialize, hit me up.”  This lets him know in actual words that I approve of the frequency of his visits, and it puts the ball in his court so I don’t feel like I’m the one initiating all the time.

The only catch is that I just sent him an email yesterday (telling him about my visit with Dog and sending him an old novella I wrote in case he was interested in checking out my writings) and he hasn’t responded to that yet.  So I’ll need to wait another day or two before I send this latest thing, lest I look too clingy.

I think it’s a good plan, though.

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