I am very much craving Pedant-time right now.  Specifically, I crave sex with him.  LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX.  But I’m trying not to smother him and I already feel like I’ve been kinda bombarding him with contact since he was last here (mostly just telling him about the situation with Dog, which is a perfectly valid reason for texts and emails, but still).

We’ll see how long I can hold out.  I’d really like him to initiate our next get-together, but he can only do that if I’m not already in the process of setting one up.  So yeah.

In other news, Link – my American friend who was supposed to swing by this summer for a few days of pegging and fucking and general frolicking – believes he’s come down with genital warts and therefore he’s not visiting, after all.  Which is disappointing.

Things with The Baby Duck continue to go reasonably well, except that we both have sporadic, often last-minute type jobs and so it’s been increasingly hard to find time to see each other lately.  

The Baby Duck and I are not yet in a sex-having place, though, so when I wanna get laid it really is The Pedant or nothing.  And anyway I think my cravings right now aren’t for sex in general, they’re for sex with The Pedant in particular.  I love his body and the way it fits with mine.  I love his sounds.  I love that I feel comfortable topping him and bottoming to him (at least a little) – that’s a pretty new thing for me.



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2 responses to “GRRRRR.

  1. hedonisticraspberry

    I get where you’re coming from. I’m going through that craving episode and only one man will scratch that itch so to say. It sucks waiting for him to initiate. Hope you get ‘Pedant action’ soon. X

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