The rest of the visit

The Pedant and I woke up at about the same time and I made us some breakfast.  When he was putting his empty plate in the kitchen sink and putting my previously dirtied dishes into a neater pile, I came up behind him – both of us still naked – and reached around his body to lightly scritch the spots where his thighs join his torso.  He went perfectly still and I felt his breathing suddenly get heavier.  I ran my hands up over his chest and kissed his neck.  He turned then and we kissed a little bit, warmly but not passionately.  I think he reminded me then that we’d had sex just a few hours before, and I was like “No, I know, I’m not expecting anything” and we kissed some more.

Then he was like “We should start getting ready to leave” – we were going to see a matinee in a couple of hours – and I was like, “you should start getting ready to leave.  You always take a hundred times longer than I do anyway.”  He agreed and went off to take a shower.

I, meanwhile, went to bed with the Hitachi and had just had my fifth orgasm when The Pedant – clad in pants now, but still naked (and wet and clean and RAWR) from the waist up – came back into the room.  “Oh hi,” I said, grinning at him.  “I was just thinking about you.”

The Pedant (I guess interpreting the whole situation as a request for sex) mumbled something again about being too spent to do anything at the moment.  “You’re being too penis-centric, I think,” I said.  “There other helpful things you could do right now besides have sex with me.”  I wish I could remember exactly what The Pedant said in response…he was being vague and also still mumbling but I think he was trying to get across the idea that he was also not currently able – for whatever reason – to do other sexytimes things like getting me off via mouth or Hitachi.

“Even just standing there and being pretty is helpful to me,” I said, and as usual when I tell him he’s hot, he got all awkward.  “You’re not accustomed to being objectified, are you?” I asked.

The Pedant said something about assuming everyone objectifies everyone pretty much all the time.

“No, but whenever I say anything about what a hot piece of ass you are, you go a little weird.  Like the time I wanted to take naked pictures of you.”

“Yeeeah…having my picture taken doesn’t do anything for me.”

“Okay, but we’re not talking about what turns you on.  We’re talking about what turns me on.”

“So you’d want me to do something I don’t wanna do?”

“No, of course not.  But when I ask for something and you respond with ‘that doesn’t do anything for me,’ I feel like you’re not understanding the question…like you think I’m trying to cater to your needs rather than stating my own.  A lot of guys assume the world revolves around their libidos – like I couldn’t possibly have any desires of my own so any sexual thing I say or do must be all about them – and I just get tired of it.”

“So in future I should just say ‘I’m not up for that’ instead?”

“Yes, please.  That would be better.”  I got up from the bed, stood in front of The Pedant, and kissed him for a long while, running my hands over his arms and back.  He kissed and caressed me back in a friendly-but-not-urgent fashion.  Then he gently prompted me to finish getting ready.

When we were just about out the door, The Pedant noticed some fine, almost invisible floofs of hair on the back of my neck that I’d apparently consistently been missing with my electric shaver.  His Aspie compulsion for order wouldn’t allow for this, so he had me fetch my hand razor and carefully scraped the offending fluff away.  At one point the razor caught and pulled the hair instead of cutting it, causing me to make a harsh little intake of breath.  “Are you just sniffing, or did I nick you?” The Pedant asked, and it occurred to me afterward that this might have been him making an effort to ask for clarification instead of glossing over things, as we’d talked about the day before.

Oh!  Also?  He was evangelizing about his awesome electric razor, telling me how well it would work for maintaining my hairdo, and when I said I can’t be spending that kind of money right now he said he might be replacing his soon and if he does, I can have it.  The reason he’s thinking of replacing his razor?  He wants the exact same make and model but in a different colour – his current one is blue and he’s just found out that it also comes in red.  I honestly can’t tell whether he’s actually that superficial or if he’s just making this shit up because he wants to give me a razor.  Certainly he seems to really thrive on helping people out (not just me), but I also know that he’s very into his image and likes everything he wears or owns to be either red or black.  So it could go either way.  In the meantime, he’s offered to bring his razor over from time to time and help me redo the shaved parts of my head.  Such a sweet boy. 😀

Once my neck had been neatly shaved, The Pedant carefully removed the clippings from my skin with a sticky lint roller, then reapplied the sunscreen that the razor and roller had removed, and finally we left.

The movie we saw was This is the End, and it was hilarious.  The Pedant didn’t particularly snuggle me during the movie; he hasn’t done that in quite some time and I don’t know why.  But, on that particular day I wasn’t feeling particularly starved for touch – probably because we’d already had a bunch of sex and touching earlier.  So I was content to just kinda lean my arm against his.

The Pedant had stuff to get done, so after the movie he was just gonna head home.  His home is in the same direction as mine only further, so we travelled together.  On public transit, there was a teeny little girl across from us in a stroller and she kept waving at all the people sitting around her.  The Pedant – snide, cynical, prone to making dead baby jokes just to horrify people, dressed in black and vaguely scary-looking to some people – waved back at this little girl whenever she waved at him.  And got a tiny, goofy smile on his face every time.  God, I could just about melt even thinking about it.

At one point he asked me what my plans were for the long weekend (July 1st is the Canadian equivalent of Independence Day), and my heart skipped a beat…I told him I might be doing a Scrabble night with a friend but I wasn’t sure yet.  I asked what his weekend plans were and he said he’d probably just chill at home – leaving me wondering whether he’d been about to propose a weekend visit with me but the potential Scrabble tournament discouraged him, or whether he was simply making conversation.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, when we were in line for the movies earlier there was some concern that This is the End might be sold out, and he shrugged and said “So if it is, we just see it next week and see Star Trek today.”  Just casually suggesting we see each other again in a week.  I sure do enjoy how often he’s been getting together with me lately…I hope he’ll come back to the “movie next week” idea even though the one we wanted to see went off without a hitch.

Anyway, back to the journey home: I decided I was going to get off a few stops past my apartment so I could pick up some things at the store, and mentioned this to The Pedant.  He immediately said “Did you need help carrying anything, or…?” – this despite the fact that he’d said he had to get home and do stuff.  I told him I’d be fine – I was only getting small things.  And then my stop came up and I kissed him chastely on the mouth and said “talk soon?” and he said yes and I left.

I’m getting ever-so-slightly paranoid that the intense sleep snuggles and movie snuggles have stopped because The Pedant is becoming complacent – perhaps he’s so convinced that he has me now that he feels no need to cling to me anymore.  I don’t want him feeling too comfortable; I want to maintain some thrill of the chase.  So I’m gonna try my damnedest to back off a bit and let him initiate our next get-together.  It’s difficult, though.  I think I’m afraid that – left to his own devices – he’ll go three weeks without seeing me again and then I’ll get all paranoid wondering if his weekly-or-more visits of late were all just to humour me and he’d still rather see me every 2-3 weeks.

Mind you, on at least two occasions recently he spontaneously initiated a get-together a few days before we were already slated to see each other – and didn’t ask to cancel the second thing.  And, I mean, it’s not like he particularly has problems saying no to me ever.  So I need to trust that we’re seeing each other this often because he wants to.


June 28, 2013 · 6:01 am

2 responses to “The rest of the visit

  1. A potential explanation for lack of sleep snuggles – it’s warmer! I spent the winter trying to cocoon myself in body heat in a way that is kind of uncomfortable now it’s June.

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