Yup, more barebacking.

I guess The Pedant and I are finally on a bareback sex basis for the time being.  I initiated it twice when he was over and he didn’t say a thing about it, at the time or after.

He seems more sweetly domestic since our big FeelingsTalk, although I’m probably imagining this.  I mean, he’s definitely become more boyfriendy recently (more silliness and inside jokes and sweet little kisses, more visits in general) but that began before then.  Perhaps my earlier one-sided FeelingsConfession let him know he was safe to express mushiness toward me.

At any rate, I was cooking us up some eggs when he got here, so I let him in and kissed him hello but then went to the kitchen to babysit the food.  And a few minutes later he walked in naked to give me some more hello kisses.  This is not something he always does, and it was nice.

We ate on the couch, and had this talk and then some small talk, and then I shifted my legs (which were across his lap) to one side and said, with mock surprise, “Oh, look!  You have a penis!” and I started gently playing with it.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t know that,” The Pedant said.  Not in a playful tone but a vaguely disgusted one; he was straight-up telling me he didn’t like me being all fake-coy with him.  I found this pretty wildly endearing.

I hate to say it but I’ve begun to find my encounters with The Pedant not boring, exactly, but…a little samey.  Like, I look back on previous visits and the sex all blends together.  Which is why I kicked off this particular session by going straight for his dick instead of going through the normal top-down progression of makeouts, then nipple stimulation, then penis-touching.  He usually gives a loud, astonished gasp the first time I touch his cock, and I was hoping this would be amplified further by the fact that I was touching it with no preamble, but no.  I guess his usual gasp isn’t actually amazement that I’m touching his bathing suit area, it’s arousal – arousal that’s been stoked to a fever pitch by me slowly winding him up for a long time first.

Or maybe he’d just jerked off kind of recently and it was taking the edge off things.  Hard to say.

But I stroked him for a while, and then I climbed on top of him and started kissing him and playing with his nipples.  And rubbed my crotch up against his, which made him  gasp.  And then – because I’m tired of feeling like The Pedant is always the one deciding when we bareback – I said “I want to fuck you.”  Which, given that we were in the living room and I don’t keep condoms in there, pretty obviously meant unprotected sex.  The Pedant made what might have been a soft, breathy, affirmative “mmm-hmm” sound, but could have been a teeny little moan with a hitch in the middle.  “Yes?” I prompted, and he “mmm-hmm’d” a little louder and clearer.

And so I slid him inside me and rode him.

It was…somewhat disappointing.  The Pedant kept his eyes closed, so there was no electrifying brain-to-brain intimacy like the other times, and he wasn’t being nearly as vocal as usual.  And he was being so passive!  I’d’ve preferred it if he’d either been caressing me and engaging with me or else totally tied up; this in-between thing where his hands were free but he didn’t put them on me was bullshit.  And I’m in the horndog week of my cycle when hormonal stuff makes me crave penetration a lot, so the minute he orgasmed (which took a totally average amount of time that I’d normally be fine with) I wished I’d drawn things out longer.  Plus his orgasm didn’t seem particularly strong, and it’s his noises and shudders that really get me going.  That day’s sex, to me, was maybe not worth the small amount of STI risk.  But oh well.

After he came, The Pedant immediately fell asleep (yep, still sitting up).  I went into the bedroom, got myself off three times in a row, puttered around on the internet, went back and forth to the kitchen a few times making various snacks for myself, and then decided to try to go to sleep.  I called up Netflix on my laptop and put on some Family Guy to doze off to.  Before I was anywhere near asleep, The Pedant woke up and came into the bedroom, surprised that I was still up.  I put the laptop away and patted the bed beside me; he lay down next to me and, as usual, stuck his arm out so I could cuddle up to him and put my head in that nook where his shoulder meets his chest.  We slept for a few hours; I don’t know about him, but my rest was pretty fitful.  I remember the two of us changing position a lot; usually touching, but not always actively snuggling.  The Pedant rarely does the all-night-bearhug thing anymore and I don’t know why.  I’m not too sad because that gesture of affection seems to have been replaced by other, different ones, but yeah.

At six in the morning, I awoke to find myself alone in the bed.  I got up to find the Pedant on the couch, quietly watching Bill Maher on his laptop.  “I slept so much before that I’m wide awake now,” he said.  I gave his head an affectionate pet, got another snack from the kitchen, and brought it to bed intending to eat and then go back to sleep.  But I couldn’t sleep at all so I joined The Pedant instead.  I was going to ask him to watch his show in bed with me while petting me – the combination of listening to a movie/tv show and being caressed helps me get to sleep like almost nothing else – but instead we got sidetracked out on the couch, talking.

Then eventually I made a move on him – not really expecting him to respond since we’d had sex just a few hours before – but when I began running my hands up and down his chest, his breath hitched and he began to arch his back into me, trying to get me to touch his nipples more directly.  I teased and kissed him for a damn long time until he was squirming and whimpering underneath me.  Then I said “come to bed” and he followed me to the bedroom.

I’d been hoping to have sex missionary-style, but when I lay on the bed he got beside me instead of on top.  I guess he was in a particularly bottomy mood.  We lay like that for a while, kissing and touching, but then I quickly got bored with that and straddled him.  “You seem like you need to be tied down,” I said, and he nodded wordlessly.  We went through the ritual of him offering each limb for me to buckle a restraint onto, and once he was secured to the bed, I fucked him bareback again.  I didn’t ask permission this time, but I did spent a minute or so rubbing the head of his cock around on my ladybits first so he’d know what was coming and have a chance to opt out.

Once again, it was kind of lacklustre – this time almost certainly because he’d come earlier in the day.  He wasn’t vocalizing as much as I might have liked, and my attempts at edging him didn’t seem to be turning his crank too much.  The feel of him inside me did turn me on enough that I needed a wank break in the middle, though.  At first I Hitachi’d myself while I was still riding him, and thanks to it being my special hormone week I got pretty amazingly close, but in the end I opted to lie propped up against the foot of the bed with my legs draped over The Pedant’s splayed thighs.  I’m tall, so in this position my feet ended up by The Pedant’s head; he kind of tucked my feet under his arms (which were out almost perpendicular to his body, the wrists fastened to the top corners of the bed) – literally the only gesture of affection/support he was capable of in his tied-down state.  D’awwww.

I came twice, gripping The Pedant’s thigh with my free hand.  Then I stroked him hard again and climbed back aboard.  When he sounded like he was nearing the big finish, I seized him by the jaw and said “eye contact.”  He obliged me and I softly said “Good boy” and kept our gazes locked together, my face inches from his, as I continued slowly fucking him.  Turns out he wasn’t quite as close to the edge as I’d thought; we stayed staring at each other for a minute or so, but then I guess he hit the edge and  (as usual) couldn’t or wouldn’t look at me while orgasming; he got a desperate look on his face and kinda tried to twist his head up and away from me while at the same time kind of telegraphing that he wanted me to kiss him.  It’s like he was silently saying “Either kiss me or let me turn my head way to the side but I really can’t stand for you to be staring at me right now.”  I relented and kissed him.  He came with almost no sound at all and I rolled off him and we both fell asleep again.

I’ll write more about this visit later.


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2 responses to “Yup, more barebacking.

  1. Maybe the nighttime bear hug thing has stopped because he no longer feels a subconscious need to cling to you, because he feels more secure in the relationship?

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