I woke up first, and clambered over The Pedant to putter around in the living room for a while.

The nightclub thing he wanted to go to (live music from a bunch of different bands) started at 8 and he’d said he wanted to get there by 9.  I had planned to go with him – more just to have a night out with him than anything – but honestly wasn’t sure I felt emotionally or physically equipped to stand up in a loud place for what might have ended up being five or six hours.  So part of me wanted to let him sleep indefinitely just so the amount of time at the concert was curtailed.  But I could not in good faith let him miss too much of this thing he was interested in.

Finally I came into the bedroom, put my hand on his shoulder, and said “Just to let you know, it’s nine thirty.  If you need to sleep you’re totally welcome to, but I wanted to make sure you at least had the option of going to the club.”

The Pedant stirred and mumbled “Yeah I needzzzzasleeeephbt.”  Indeed, he must have been backed up on sleep that day, considering he’d dozed off on my couch earlier within a five-minute time span.  I gave him an affectionate little pat and went back out in the living room to watch tv and do a little painting.

Perhaps an hour later, he finally stumbled out of the bedroom.  He told me that although we’d pretty much missed the boat on the thing we’d originally planned to attend, there was another music event at some little bar downtown that he was also interested in, and that didn’t start til midnight.  The Pedant’s taste in music only overlaps with mine a little bit, and I won’t pay a cover to hear a band unless I’m really pretty sure I’ll like ’em, so I asked him the name of the band so I could find some of their music online and determine how I felt about it.  We went in the bedroom and lay head-to-toe on my bed as I Googled shit on my laptop.  Turns out I liked this band more than any of the ones at the thing we were missing.  I agreed to go.

At the bar, The Pedant unexpectedly paid my $12 cover.  I’m extra glad he did because it turned out the band (well, guy, really) we’d come to see was only on for an hour or so and after that it switched over to an act that didn’t appeal to either of us so we left.  To me, $12 feels like a lot to pay for an hour or less of something (well, depending on what the something is, I guess).

We managed to snag a table, and during the music act The Pedant sat completely facing away from me and watching the stage.  I note this only because I hadn’t been sure what to expect from the night, and because The Pedant’s visual focus struck me as slightly peculiar because there was nothing to see, really.  The music was electronica.  The guy on stage was just sitting behind a bank of computers, pushing buttons.  But I respect someone coming to a music show to actually hear the music.  Reminds me of when I was a teenager and I’d put on one of my Depeche Mode cassettes and just lie on the bed and listen to it.  Just stare at the ceiling and listen.

As soon as the set was over, The Pedant turned to face me and we chatted for a while (about the virtues of being childless and poly, mostly) and then when the next act came on we agreed that it was time to leave.

It was a beautiful night, so we walked most of the way back to my place.  The Pedant got hungry along the way and asked to stop in at a convenience store, adding “You might be paying.  I kinda used up my funds paying your cover.”  The fact that he told me to pay instead of asking me if I would pay smacks of loan sharking, but knowing The Pedant it’s much, much more likely that he just used a bad turn of phrase because he didn’t know any better.  I’m pretty sure he has difficulty with appearing vulnerable or dumb, so obviously saying “Ohhhh crap, I thought I had more money in my wallet but I don’t.  Could you possibly spot me some cash?” would be out of the question.  Anyway he only got a bagel and a drink, not an eight-course meal or anything.

Back at my place, he almost immediately needed to go to sleep again.  I wasn’t anywhere close to tired (lord knows why; I haven’t been sleeping well lately at all) so I stayed up and quietly watched DVDs in the living room for an hour or two before joining The Pedant in bed.  He was fast asleep on my side of the bed (I’ve told him it’s my side, but he doesn’t reliably remember this yet, it seems) and I didn’t have the heart to shove him over.  I climbed over him, backed my ass up against him, and eventually fell into a fitful sleep.

More to come.

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