When we woke up, I made us some breakfast and then we started making out and he was doing that breathy, passive thing (lying on his back with his arms at his sides while I did stuff to him) so I asked if he’d like to be tied down and he nodded.

I was feeling extra mushy and grateful toward The Pedant for helping me set up my art booth, taking me out to see live music, and offering to help clean the rest of my apartment (I think I forgot to mention that last thing before, but yeah.  He decided that we’d spend Day Two of his visit attacking the rest of the mess under my bed and then the front hallway).  So, I decided to give him an epic hand job.  Just lavish all kinds of attention on him for as long as he wanted.  (He told me once that being tied up and jerked off is his favourite thing, and so this is what I do for him – rather than intercourse – when I want to “treat” him.)

And so, for I don’t know how long, I alternated between jerking and blowing The Pedant while kissing him/teasing his nipples/playing with his taint/anything else I could think of that he’s historically enjoyed – but his erection kept waxing and waning.  I asked him if he had to pee and he said no, so I’m chalking this up to tiredness.  Maybe he still wasn’t caught up on sleep.  At any rate, he asked to be let out of the restraints and I complied and then we cuddled for a while.

And then The Pedant rolled me onto my back and got the Hitachi. 😀

really need to have a direct talk with him about listening to my instructions.  He kept spreading my legs as wide apart as they’d go despite me saying it was uncomfortable and that I need my legs closer together in order to orgasm.  He pointed out that when my legs are wider apart he can get at my clitoris more directly and I was like “I know, and that’s why I like my legs closer together.  There’s more of a buffer zone.”  Why do I need a buffer zone, you ask?  Because – as I have told The Pedant before – direct clitoral stimulation is too intense for me.  It hurts, and often makes me too sore and sensitive to even orgasm.  And also (though I haven’t told him this) the hard vibrator against my hard clit feels kind of gross.  The two surfaces kerthunk off each other in a way that makes me squeamish.  When my legs are closer together, my hood and labia bunch together more and keep the kerthunk from happening.

The Pedant let me close my legs slightly (I think – at least, I don’t remember being uncomfortably wishbone-splayed the entire time he was working on me) and put two fingers inside me.  As usual, he kept firmly swiping the Hitachi upward over the tip of my clitoris, which gives me very strong sensations and makes me gasp and twitch, but not in a good way.  When I told him he was being too intense, he moved away from the very tip but turned the Hitachi up.  I did not confront him about this at the time because the idea of making a big scene when someone was trying to do something nice for me was just so horribly awkward.  But I directed him to put The Hitachi just a fraction of an inch higher, which he did, and that did the trick.  In short order I came my brains out, then commandeered the Hitachi and came my brains out again, all while The Pedant wreaked havoc on my g-spot.

When we were cuddling afterwards, I managed to say “So, I said it was too intense and you reacted by turning the vibration up…?”  The Pedant said yeah, he did do that, but he also repositioned the vibrator to a less direct place.  I totally chickened out of discussing the subject any further.  He’d been trying to do something nice for me; he did adjust what he was doing in response to my feedback, albeit not in the way I most wanted; I did end up coming.  I just couldn’t stand to get into a whole huge thing about it when everything was basically fine.  (Except it’s not fine because I’m getting fed up with feeling ignored…)

After a bit of snuggling, The Pedant wanted to get down to business and start with the apartment-cleaning.  My leg muscles screeeamed at me when I moved them and it took me a couple of tries to get up off the bed, but I eventually managed.

The Pedant seems to like organizing and managing things.  I have leadership tendencies, myself, but when it comes to the apartment mess I just get overwhelmed.  I was more than happy to let The Pedant orchestrate everything.  And so he went forth and led the two of us in cleaning out the rest of the space under my bed.

Once that task was done and the bare mattress was back in place (the sheets having been thrown in the wash), I intercepted The Pedant (both of us still naked) and gave him a hug and a kiss.  The kiss turned into several kisses; he never did come earlier, so he was a bit backed up and extra-responsive.  I brushed my thumb over one of his nipples and his breath hitched.  He asked me in a slightly unsteady voice whether that load of sheets needed to be transferred to the dryer yet, and I realized it was time, so I put on my bathrobe and did that and also put a blanket or two in the washer.  Then I came back, took my robe off, and started kissing The Pedant again.

“We should get started on the hallway,” he said – but then pulled me back in for more kisses.

“I do believe we have some unfinished business,” I said in his ear.  I started running my hands over his chest/back/ass, and his stiffening cock swung out and lightly kicked me in the thigh.  The Pedant slowly backed me up, gazing intently into my eyes between kisses, until my legs fetched up against the edge of the bed.  I sat down and took him into my mouth.  For a short while he stood and savoured my attentions, gently and unobtrusively rocking his hips.

Then he planted his hand on my sternum, pushed me down, got on top of me and started kissing me with renewed ferocity.  We dry-humped a bit and then he spent quite some time teasing my ladybits with the head of his cock.  After which he took my hand, poured some lube into it, and had me basically hold my fist down near my crotch while he fucked it missionary style.  Obviously he was trying to simulate bareback sex with me, but it didn’t seem to be working for him; he seemed frustrated, and quickly abandoned the whole hand-fucking thing in favour of more genital-on-genital teasing.

The body language/vibe I got from The Pedant was that he was very much in command of himself and was sliding the head of his cock back and forth through my labia as a controlled and deliberate tease.  It came as a surprise to me when he abruptly (and still very deliberately, guiding with his hand and raising himself up so he could look down and aim) pushed himself inside me.  I didn’t especially mind, though.  I wouldn’t initiate bareback myself until our tests come back clean (mostly because if I turn out to have something – which is highly unlikely but you never know – I’d feel terrible for exposing him to it), but I do think The Pedant is probably safe, and I really really like the barebacking (well, from what I can tell from these two recent incidents. :P) so I’m pretty cool with accepting a certain amount of risk in order to have it.

The Pedant slowly began to thrust.  I planted one foot on the mattress for leverage and pushed back at him, which got quite a favourable response (I get the feeling most dudes aren’t used to a woman taking an active role during missionary sex; they always seem surprised and thrilled when I do)  Amazingly – unprecedentedly – as he started building up to coming, The Pedant raised himself up to look directly in my eyes.  We’re talking a solid minute or more of raw, intimate, soul-to-soul eye contact here.  I feel like it was a gift The Pedant was purposely giving to me.

So we were gazing at each other as he thrust and I was pulling his hair and teasing his nipples and he was moaning louder and louder and his eyes kept wanting to roll back in his head, but he always forced his gaze back to meet mine.  And when he came, he buried his face in my neck and just held still – not thrusting or anything – and I felt every delicious little pulsation and the intensity of it somehow washed from him into me and I shuddered convulsively and held him as tightly as I could.

And then he fell asleep.  Like, literally within ten seconds of coming, while still lying on top of me.  It is soooo ridiculous how he can just conk out like that.  I could feel his face doing sleep-twitchies against my neck. 😀

I needed to be physically close to The Pedant right then, so I just let him sleep.  After ten minutes or so he snorted awake and rolled off me to cuddle into my side with his head on my chest – the “chick” position.  Few things make me feel more tender and protective than being the dude.  We lay there like that for ages – me awake and him at least partially asleep – while I stroked his hair.  At one point, he woke up enough to ask how I was feeling, and I don’t believe this was small talk or fishing for compliments; I think he was asking me if I was pissed off at him for initiating bareback sex again.  “I’m okay,” I said, and meant it.  He didn’t say anything else though and it drove me kind of crazy – was that the whole discussion, then?  Shouldn’t there be more to say?

When he finally got up, The Pedant noted with a little chuckle that he’d left an ear-print on my chest.

I showered and we cleaned and tidied my front hallway together (not a euphemism).  And then this happened.  And that was The Pedant’s latest, groundbreaking visit.

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  1. I’m so glad for you that things are going so well with the Pedant. 🙂

    In regards to the clitoral sensitivity issue, I would highly recommend picking up a Tenga egg and using it inside-out on the head of the Hitachi, especially when the Pedant is using it on you. I use one on my wand vibrator, and it really gives a nice cushiony feeling to it – I think it might negate the “kerthunk” feeling of the vibe against your clit and maybe help with the oversensitivity thing.

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