Hot and cold running dick. And chick.

The Pedant has agreed to come over tomorrow and help me schlep a bunch of crap to the new store and set it up.  I’m really happy to have the extra pair of hands!

And he’ll be sleeping over tomorrow night.  Although there is a nightclub event he wants to go to til the wee hours of the morning (whether I go with him or not) and he made it sound a little like he’d be crashing here afterward more for the convenience factor than for the Cowgirl factor.  I don’t love that, but then again I kinda summoned him for his “convenience factor” too: he has boy-muscles and a helpful disposition and I didn’t wanna wrestle heavy things onto public transit all by myself.  Plus, probably sex at some point!  

I bought four different kinds of fizzy technicolour sugar water for him to drink while he’s here. I don’t care for the stuff, myself, but I’m intrigued by the many fabulous colours and flavours that soda comes in so it’s kinda fun to have a reason to buy some.  I got cream soda, mandarin, banana, and pineapple flavours.  Just cheap single-serving bottles from the grocery store.  Hopefully he likes it.  It doesn’t seem like he’s terribly picky.  I’m sure at least he’ll appreciate the thought.

The nightclub thing sounds pretty decent so I think I might go with The Pedant.  It mostly depends on my energy levels and how much of his no-public-affection thing I can tolerate.  It wears on me sometimes, being as attracted to him as I am and not being welcome to kiss him.

Oh, speaking of public kissing, I took The Baby Duck to see some drag kings perform tonight and on the way home he was smooching all up on me on public transit.  He’s seeming really into me, especially tonight – it’s like something clicked over for him recently, though I’m not sure what.  

I like The Baby Duck and it seems like we’ll probably be pretty compatible on the D/s front.  My biggest concern right now is that he’s (allegedly?) in the process of quitting smoking, and his mouth always tastes like cigarettes and it’s gross and offputting.  I think I’ll talk to him about this soon.  He says he’s been using some kind of cigarette substitute that vaporizes the nicotine instead of burning it; I’m thinking it might be prudent of him to switch to the patch, if he’s able.

I’d been trying to decide whether or not to keep pursuing Pixie – she’s cute but that one date was so awkward! – when she messaged me on Facebook asking me out for sushi next week.  Okay, fine, path of least resistance, I’ll go out with her again.  I don’t know how to make the conversation go any better this time but I have some ideas on improving the making out.  

All this sexy attention from people lately seems to have recalibrated my sex drive and I feel like I’m in the horndog week of my cycle all the time.  I kinda wanna fuck everyone I see.  Okay, not everyone.  And maybe not fucking.  But my libido has a sharpened edge of curiosity on it that makes me want to make out with people I would not previously have thought about in that way.

I’m enjoying this.  I hope it lasts. 😀


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3 responses to “Hot and cold running dick. And chick.

  1. Just A Slut

    When I wanted to quit smoking my non smoking dominant was thrilled. He was very supportive and even allowed me ONE (just ONE) bitchfit a day. He bought me E-Trons. After a two or three days(showers and days teeth brushing). After three days of smoking nothing but E-Trons my Dom said I didn’t smell like smoke at all.

    Etrons are an electronic ciggarette and the nicotine is a liquid inhalent. But there is only water vaper. Your hair and clothes smell for about 2 or 3 washings.

    I hope this helps you.
    PS didn’t get any bitchfit with the trade


  2. trillian

    E-cigs work mostly in a way that there is a little patron you need to fill up. The so called “liquid” comes in little ampoule-things. This liquid may or may not contain nicotine and sometimes other “aromas” like e.g. melon,roses, whatever. The ones containing nicotine can cause some smell but there is a very big difference between that smell and that of a real smokers. I can definitely tell which one is going on. And the nicotine liquid version only helps quitting if you keep reducing the nicotine % until you use 0 nicotine liquid. If you keep smoking e-cigs with nicotine liquid, you are where you started (except being able to smoke indoors or restaurants if they allow it).

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