Last week’s Pedant visit, belated part VI.

I just remembered a cute moment I should’ve mentioned in the previous post (as it happened that day): The Pedant noted that my old, huge, CRT television is still taking up space in my living room even though I’d bought and hooked up my new, flat one months ago.  “I thought you were going to donate that beast to a local women’s shelter if they’d haul it away for you?” he asked.

“Yeeeeah,” I said, “I do intend to do that.  But making phone calls is not really my strong suit.”  Referring, of course, to my social anxiety.

The Pedant laughed.  “Do you want me to put a towel around my neck and be all ‘go get ’em, Tiger!  You can do it!’ while you make the call?” he asked, pantomiming standing behind someone and rubbing their shoulders (took me a second, but I figured out he was impersonating a coach psyching up a boxer before a fight).

“No, no.  …Would you actually do that?”


I didn’t take him up on it, because part of the social anxiety is that I can’t stand for people to even overhear me on the phone.  But I thought it was a really sweet offer.  This is one of the things I love about The Pedant: he seems to accept (and sometimes assist me with!) my many issues without making a big thing about them.  He doesn’t shame me for these issues or tell me I’m wrong and don’t actually have them.  After years of living with a boyfriend who told me to “snap out of” my depression and anxiety, this is such a fucking relief I can’t even tell you.

Anyway.  Here is a post about the last few hours The Pedant spent here.  Mostly I just want to commemorate the hot sex.

The Pedant had a political protest thingy he wanted to go to downtown, and it started at noon.  We woke up at…11am, I think?  I promptly made us some breakfast, figuring he wouldn’t want to lollygag.  And yet he did lollygag – once breakfast was done, he just kept lying naked in my bed.

I was at a bit of a loss for what to do…I didn’t want to start up sex or a conversation because that might look like I was trying to keep him from going, and I didn’t want to seem like I was kicking him out, either.  So I opened my laptop and showed him this hilarious spoof video about Morgan Freeman, because I’d told him about it earlier.  The Pedant agreed that it was hilarious, and kept lying there not getting dressed or anything, so I clicked on another video in the same series – sort of a fake nature documentary thing.  And then another after that, and another, and another, watching them with him spooned up behind me absent-mindedly caressing my arm and back.

After we’d watched maybe five or six videos, I turned around to snuggle The Pedant properly.  “Time for a quickie before you go?” I asked, hopefully.

He chuckled and said he felt a little too spent.  We lay there snuggling and making small talk some more, and eventually I moved down and started brushing my lips over his penis.  Not to try to coerce him into sex; purely as an act of affection – and because penis skin has the most delightful silky texture (I’m kind of orally fixated, I think – I like running my lips over anything that has a nice texture.  A polished stone, the bridge of my cat’s nose, the inside surface of a cashew…).

Lip-brushing turned to a series of little kisses all up and down the shaft, and against all odds The Pedant slowly began to get hard (I love that he’ll get hard from sweet little kisses and not just outright lascivious things…).  I went from kissing to licking and then challenged myself to see if I could get The Pedant’s now-totally-erect cock into my mouth without using my hands (an awkward task that always feels a bit like bobbing for apples to me).  I managed not only to get him into my mouth but to peel back his foreskin using only my lips and tongue, which made him vocalize quite nicely.

After a while, my jaw got tired so I used my hand instead.  After a while of that, I found myself turned on and craving penetration so I asked “Do you want me to continue, or shall I climb aboard?”

The Pedant apparently was beyond words by that point, and didn’t answer me directly; he did however immediately start panting and moaning, and gave my hip a little push to indicate that he wanted me on top of him.  That he would make such desperate noises at the very thought of being inside me is just a ridiculous turn-on.  I can’t even tell you.  I’ve relived that moment hundreds of times since then inside my head.

I condomed and lubed him and we started fucking.  At length (and seeming nowhere near orgasm, himself), The Pedant said “You’re close to coming, aren’t you?”

I was really turned on and craving an orgasm, sure.  But I don’t come from penetration alone, and rarely come in a sitting-up position (ideally I need to be on my back).  And The Pedant knows this.  So it irritates me that he’d ask if I was “close to coming” as though just continuing to have the sex would get me there.  I chose not to address that, though, and simply said “Let’s just say I’d really like to come right now.”

And The Pedant lifted me off his cock, rolled me onto my back, and set to work with The HItachi.

“Now, why don’t you be a good girl and come for me?  I like watching you come,” he said.  That annoyed me too, a tiny bit, because he also knows (or should know, by now) that I can’t orgasm on command and it seemed as though he was asking me to do exactly that.  I didn’t particularly mind that he was being toppy with me in general, though.  For some reason he can get away with that.  And his sexy voice always gets me going, whether he’s helplessly whimpering or telling me in calm, confident tones that he wants me to come for him.

The Pedant gave me an orgasm in the straightforward way I’d taught him for a change, instead of trying a bunch of random shit.  Thank god.  Possibly he gave me a second orgasm, as well; I can’t remember.  Then he set the Hitachi aside, jerked himself hard again, and continued fucking me in missionary position (still wearing the condom from before).

For a little while there I thought he still wasn’t going to make it to orgasm, but when I somehow managed to compress my spine enough reach one of The Pedant’s nipples with my tongue while fingering the other, his moans began to escalate and he slammed into me harder and faster and finally came.  We collapsed together in a heap and lay like that for a while (with The Pedant doing that thing of avoiding eye contact again, if I’m not mistaken.  Is he shying away from intimacy?  Why?).

Pillow talk included me saying something about his amazing ass, him replying “I realize I got lucky on the genetic front,” and me pointing out that technically that would be the genetic back.  I totally say this shit just to make him do the nasal fake-laugh he reserves for terrible puns. 😀

Sometime after that, he got dressed and left.  It was after 1pm by then, but the protest thing was slated to last a few hours so he got to take part anyway.  And I was thrilled to have a movie date planned with him for just five days later.  It seems like maybe The Pedant is starting to want to see me more often.  I hope this pattern holds.

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