Pedant Progress?

I’m feeling a little extra-mushy over The Pedant today because he dealt with my latest concerns so well (every time I tell him I have an issue with him, I think “this is it – this is gonna be the time he tells me I’m being a typical, emotional, irrational chick and he’ll refuse to compromise with me.” But he always ends up addressing things quickly and thoroughly and seems happy to change his offending behaviour for me).

So shortly after I woke up, I randomly texted him: *licks.*

And – amazingly enough – he texted back: *prr*.  And then a smiley.  And then asked me how my day was going.

He has never, ever texted me to ask how my day was going or otherwise initiate conversation (though he’ll respond to my random questions readily enough).  I also don’t think he’s ever responded to a flirty/sexy text in kind; he’ll usually just tell me it’s nice to know he’s inspiring lewd thoughts, or something like that.   Which isn’t the most horrible response ever, but kind of clinical – he’s not in the sexytimes with me, if you see what I mean.  But no, this time he purred at me.  And it made me happy.

A while back, when Pixie and I were flirting but had not yet gone on our spectacularly weird date, I mentioned to The Pedant that Pixie had been sending me random “how’s it going?” texts.  He was like “yeah, she does that.”  And I said “I love that.”  I wonder whether The Pedant took note of this, and stepped up his game?  Probably not; historically he’s been really terrible at applying my stated likes and dislikes to his own behaviour, and instead requires me to directly tell him “I want you to do ___.”  But you never know.

At any rate, it was lovely and unprecedented to have him flirt with me and express interest in my well-being all within the same clump of text messages.  Doesn’t matter why he did it; just matters that it happened.

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