OMGWTF Pixie text.

After thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that Pixie wasn’t into me after all and I’d never hear from her again.  I mean, considering our date had awkward silences lasting ten minutes or more and she never initiated any affection.

But no – I just got a text from her that says “Hey pretty lady” with a winky face.


I’m gonna say either a) the awkwardness on our date was because I’m so intimidating that she got tongue-tied (apparently, my quality of dorky spazitude is not always immediately obvious to other people, and my height/hair/career path can come off as sort of imposing); b) she’s not all that into me but is still hoping to keep me on the back burner and maybe get laid (The Pedant made her sound like a bit of a player) or c) she meant to send that text to someone else.


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3 responses to “OMGWTF Pixie text.

  1. I vote a) – I reckon give her the benefit of the doubt and see if her nerves settle down. I personally can be very awkward when I’m nervous (and sober) around people I like.

  2. I vote combination of A and B. Keep us updated! 🙂

  3. Just A Slut

    I vote D. She wants to date YOU. And she is intrested but had some angst of her own and is ready to move past her awkward date.

    She may have been embarressed at her thirsty behavior on date 1. That could cause morning after awkwardness on date 2. Let’s face it L/ladies. Most of us have been a drunk girl on a date at some point and let alcohol loosen us up a little. Its not a super attractive label that society puts on girls who this has happened too and may have made her feel a little embarressed on date 2.

    Enjoy the date and really you should accept the compliment. I’m sure you are gorgous. And as a Lady Dominant you clearly have respect which makes you a hidden gem. Too many Lady dominants are arrogant and egotistical. This makes it harder and harder for a submissive to approach them. That much arrogance can make them seem un approachable or intimidating.

    Awkward dates happen but if the chemistry is there you can and will grow out of it quickly when you BOTH know what the other wants.

    Just A Slut

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