Still more texting with The Pedant

Taking a small hiatus from the endless chronicling of The Pedant’s latest visit to immortalize a  conversation we had today.  Lately I keep accidentally setting up that’s-what-she-said jokes (and other juvenile witticisms) and I’m frankly annoyed with myself for not seeing it coming*.  Normally my dirty pun detection skills rival that of an adolescent boy, but I’m just off my game lately.

So, today when I had a failure of wit I decided to just…run with it.

Me: …BTW, I got my latest cheque from [store where I sell my art] today.  Exponentially bigger than expected. 🙂

Pedant: That’s what she said.

Me: [eyeroll smiley]

Pedant: You set that one up. 😛

Me: Your FACE set that one up.  And so’s your mother.  Ha!

Pedant: Your snappy comebacks need work.

Me: YOUR work needs a……no, I mean YOU’RE a snappy…something……..shut up. 😛


*That’s what she said…

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