Oh right. Aspergers issues.

Was out with a friend tonight – someone I don’t know very well but she’s got that magical alchemy where I feel like I can share anything with her – and I filled her in on my situation with The Pedant.  You know, how he does all these sweet things for me and I hope this means he has more-than-friendship feelings for me but I don’t know.

When I mentioned that The Pedant thinks he’s on the autism spectrum, this friend apologized for bursting my bubble but said that in her experience, autistic folks usually have problems with boundaries: ergo, all of The Pedant’s lovely gestures might mean he’s romantically attached to me, or they might mean that he has no idea what sorts of gestures read as “friendly” vs. “romantic.”  She and I do agree, though, that he wouldn’t be like this with someone he didn’t like in some capacity.  So I’m obviously not a cheap casual fuck, or whatever.  But I may be only a friend, after all.

I feel like lately The Pedant has been slowly opening up to me in increments.  If I ask him outright what his feelings are for me – or tell him I have some feelings of my own – I wonder if that would scare him back into his shell?

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