The Baby Duck may show some promise after all…

My third date with The Baby Duck went surprisingly well.  Originally we were going to hang out at his place in the afternoon, but due to a series of too-boring-to-recount circumstances he ended up coming over here in the evening instead.

We made out a little bit and watched some Futurama and gave each other shoulder massages.  And I enjoyed the making out, but it didn’t turn me on*.  And I wasn’t sure what – if anything – I should do about that.

Then during a break between Futurama episodes I broached the subject by asking him if attraction is a binary thing for him.  Jeez, I don’t even remember what he said – what an ass I am.  But the important thing is, from there he segued to asking me the same question and then (when I said that I experience a lot of weird in-between feelings for people), he asked where he falls on the scale.

I told him that I enjoy our making out but I’m not sure I’m feeling chemistry of an obviously sexual nature.  I said I’d like to keep exploring but just wanted to make it clear that anything physical I do with him is not a sign that a) we’re in any kind of relationship, or b) I’m going to go further with him physically.  The Baby Duck chuckled at how neurotic I was being and said basically that he has no expectations and that if I’m not attracted to him it’s no big deal.  That made me feel better.

Later, I brought up the fact that The Baby Duck’s FetLife profile says he’s pansexual, and asked if he’s ever given “real” fellatio (he’s already told me he’s excellent at giving blow jobs to strap-ons).  TBD got a little blushy and confessed that yes, he’s given blow jobs to actual flesh cocks.  I asked him to tell me more, and it turns out he used to perform in drag shows and got seduced by one or two of his most ardent (male) admirers.  Ohhhhh my fucking god, every part of that story is hot.

I think at some point he asked if I’d ever checked out his ass or something…?  I don’t remember how it came up exactly, but I told him that I’ve tried to check out his ass but he wears his pants so low that I can’t really assess what he’s got going on.  When the belt bisects and cinches a dude’s butt-cheeks it’s hard to really evaluate the shape, y’know?

TBD feigned a long-suffering sigh, stood up, and hiked his pants up to his waist so I could get a proper view of his ass (it’s not as round and perky as I’d prefer, but more shapely than I’d initially assumed).  While he was standing there, I ran my hand up his skinny-jeaned leg and realized for the first time that his legs are actually quite muscular.  The feel of those lean, hard thighs momentarily made me lose my language skills – I’d been in the middle of telling him something but the more I felt up his legs, the more scrambled my thoughts became until finally I just had to stop talking for a while.  A kind of kinky x-ray vision manifested for me and I suddenly saw, with perfect clarity, exactly how he’d look in fishnet stockings and heels.  And I liked what I saw.

And then attraction kicked in (how temporary it’ll turn out to be, I don’t know) and we made out pretty fiercely for another while.

The conversation turned back to blow jobs, and I ended up showing TBD a couple of my silicone dicks.  He sucked one of them to show me how little of a gag reflex he has, taking it so far down that I almost couldn’t watch.  In the process of discussing blow jobs, I mentioned that they’re not my strong point because my mouth is too small to accommodate most dicks.  By the way, earlier in the evening TBD had asked me if I liked the way he kissed me or if I’d rather he did something different; now, during the blow job talk, he said “Ohhhhh – y’know what, I think your small mouth thing is why I thought maybe you didn’t like my kissing.  I thought you were purposely not opening very wide because you were trying to keep me out, or something.”  I laughed and confirmed that, nope, I wasn’t trying to shut him out, I just physically can’t open very wide.

A few times over the course of the night, I’d indicate an interest in, say, seeing TBD in stockings and heels one day, or fucking his mouth with my strap-on, and on each of these occasions he grinned deviously and said something like “Maybe…if you’re lucky.”  Which totally inflamed my predatory side and made me want to pounce and conquer.  And I think he knew it, too.

TBD definitely has that slinky come-and-get-me quality I loved in Minx, and possibly a bit of the stubbornness that kind of turns me on in The Pedant.  And he’s starting to look cuter to me.

We’ll see.


*The extra complication, of course, being that my arousal response seems to be mostly missing lately in general.  Even The Pedant can’t easily make me tingle, and I’m definitely attracted to him.  I should probably get my hormone levels checked.

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