Any Tumblr users out there?

I’m trying to start a Tumblr for my life modelling stuff and the process is FRUSTRATING THE SHIT OUT OF ME (NB: I’m PMSing right now).

I updated the theme – and Tumblr seems to believe it’s displaying my chosen theme – but it is not.  Selecting that same theme several more times didn’t work, and neither did screaming curse words at the screen or restarting the whole goddamn computer.  I’m at a loss.

Also, I’d like this new Tumblr blog to have a title and an “about me” section, and I know these things are possible because other people have them, but I can’t figure out where to go to put this stuff on my page.

On an entirely separate note, I tried downloading Firefox a few minutes ago (The Pedant says it’s better than Safari, and I’m wondering if using a different browser might finally make Tumblr display my page theme correctly).  The instructions said to download Firefox and then drag it into the applications folder.  The applications folder wasn’t with the other crap that permanently resides at the bottom of my screen, so I found it manually and figured out how to put it there.  And the Firefox icon won’t drag into it.  Not even when I tried displaying the app folder as a “folder” instead of a “stack,” whatever the fuck any of that means.

I do not for the life of me understand how anyone thinks the Mac is “more intuitive” than a PC.  Some days every tiny motherfucking thing I want to do on this thing is a struggle.

Aso, I’ve only had this Airbook for six months or so and already the power cord doesn’t seat itself right anymore (it’s wobbly now and I have to carefully avoid bumping it askew and interrupting the charging process) and the cursor does some weird stuff when I type.  For a while, the browser was locking up and needing to be completely restarted several times a day, but I tentatively think those problems ended the last time I did a software update.

I love the physical design of the machine (so light and thin!) and how fast it starts up, but the pants-jizzing evangelism people display toward Macs is frankly alien to me.  Being a Mac user is not at all the smooth and effortless ride I’d been led to expect.


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10 responses to “Any Tumblr users out there?

  1. I am a 24/7 tumblr user, but I’m not sure if an have any advice for it simply not giving you the theme you want…. All I can say is that some of the themes are user-created and this glitchy, so you may have to choose another one. Do other themes display properly?

    I’m not on my computer right now to give you exact advice about a title and about me, but there are two different places it could be: either the settings button on the top right of you dashboard, or the personalize button when you’re on your actual tumblr page.

    • Well, shit. That’s one thing I didn’t do, is try to change to a different theme. I tend to get tunnel vision when I’m angry and just…want…this…one…thing…to…work.

      I looked all over the place under the settings (the little gear at the top of the page) last night and couldn’t find what I needed. I had no idea there was a “personalize” button but will investigate this (why aren’t all the personalization options under just one menu? GRRRR.).

      I don’t have time to fuck around with Tumblr right now – places to go and people to see – but I’ll try your suggestions when I get home again! Thank you very much for your help. ❤

  2. Hiya! I don’t show up in your comments section much because I’m socially lazy and shy, but I’d be happy to try and help with Tumblr stuff!

    Is it displaying when you preview (whether from the customize screen or the theme garden) but not when you save/definitively select it, or not at all? And which theme are you using and trying to use? Not all themes display a title and/or About section, but you can edit them in the sidebar of the customize screen, second box down, whether or not they’ll currently display.

    • Oh! I didn’t try to preview the theme. I’m not sure I even noticed a “preview” button.

      The theme was called “Feather” – basically I just picked the first nice simple white-background theme I found. It totally didn’t occur to me that titles and bios might be built into some themes and not others…I will try to investigate further.

      But first I have to go run some errands.

      THANK YOU so much for taking the time to respond! I think this new information will help. 🙂

      • In case you’re still having problems, I have HELPFUL PICTURES WHEE, just to make finding the relevant stuff less of a pain. Forgive the lack of HTML, I’m feeling lazy.

        Preview button for themes! If you’re browsing them through, then the preview button is here: (ugh, they have such a Thing for low contrast) when you’re on the page for a specific theme. It won’t necessarily give you a preview of it as applied to your blog (like, it’ll show a preview the creator set up or the default preview that the Customize page uses), but it’s a good way to get a look at it without switching things up quite yet.

        Alternately, the customize page! Which…it sounds like you might not have checked out yet? Sorry if this is shit you already know, but just in case: you get to Customize by going to your blog and clicking the button that’s probably in the upper-right corner (like so: ), but shows up in the lower right on some themes. From there, you can edit the title and description of your blog ( ). The Themes button in the upper-left corner of the customize sidebar lets you browse themes from there, and you preview by just clicking one; it doesn’t install until you click Save, and the preview reverts if you click Cancel.

        Whichever way you’re currently checking out themes, maybe the other will make it cooperate? Unless, of course, you’ve figured it out already before I dumped this all over your comments. 😛

  3. I’ve also had problems dragging things into folders I add to the bottom-of-the-screen thing. (I have no idea why, though). Have you tried dragging it into the folder in Finder? (like, dragging it into the folder in a Finder window, as opposed to the bottom-of-the-screen).

    (As a sidenote, I know the reason I find Macs more ‘intuitive’ is that I grew up with them and know where the stuff all is, while on any other computer, I just have no idea. Maybe some other people are like this too).

  4. I have a tumblr but I never mess with the page theme anymore. Most people don’t go *to* other user’s pages once they decide to follow them; the pages show up on the your dashboard instead, which is in tumblr’s general scrolling list. In fact, I find most people’s layouts incredibly annoying.

    That said, in the page edit section there should be a section on the left where you can add extra pages (kind of reminds me of how angelfire used to work. Or maybe geocities). But I’m pretty sure SOME themes don’t support it. :/ and Chrome works well with tumblr.

  5. Juuuuuuulia

    I’ve decided that “pants-jizzing evangelism” is my favorite evaluation of the phenomenon evarr and I will now go around accusing Mac users of it every chance I get.

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