Amazing Pedant is amazing, part IV

In the bedroom, The Pedant once again flung me down on the bed and got on top of me.  He stretched himself along my body, his weight supported on one elbow so he didn’t crush me, and we made out some more.  He was still just insanely sensitive everywhere and responding strongly to everything I did.  I don’t know what the hell got into him on this visit but it’d be nice if things stayed that way!

After a minute or two, there began to be a sort of…knuckle-y pressure at the entrance to my vag.  At first I thought it was just The Pedant’s hand (although in retrospect it’s odd I didn’t question this more.  Who presses their knuckles against someone?  How is that sexy?).  Then he broke off kissing me to look down at his hand that was pressing against me; I followed his gaze and oh – it was not just his hand.  It was his hand wrapped around his dick so that just the very, very tip was exposed.

Before I go on, I should mention that I’d given the barebacking more thought since he and I first discussed it.  Back then, I’d said I’d go bareback with The Pedant if he tested clean for STDs, and only until he slept with someone else.  I had since tentatively decided to waive the second condition; it’s such a common thing for poly folks to “fluid bond” with one person while having protected sex with a bunch of other people that I figured it’s probably not that risky.  The Pedant has only two other partners, both of whom he only sees occasionally and always uses condoms with.  I think I can live with that.  And just for the record he got tested for STDs six months ago and was totally clean.

So The Pedant was lying between my legs, alternately kissing me and looking down at his fist-wrapped cock as he pushed it against me.  I felt his body shaking with the effort of holding back; I felt his internal struggle between desire and self-control.  And I knew he was watching his cock nudge up against my entrance to torment himself even further.  All of which turned me on so much I could’ve just about died.

I couldn’t get enough of him…I was kissing and clawing at him, pulling his hair, biting his mouth.  Biting and hair-pulling have never generated any reaction in him before, but on that day, all of these things got him worked up further and further.

And then…he was supporting his weight on both elbows.  And the head of his cock was just.  Right.  There.  With nothing to impede it from sliding inside.  Our eyes locked for a moment and his gaze was just…smouldering.

By the way, few (if any) of my previous partners have been able to penetrate me hands-free.  My labia got in the way or their dicks were too big or the wrong shape or I don’t know what, but I’ve always, always had to guide a dude in myself.  The Pedant, for some reason, doesn’t have this problem.  He’s slid into me before without either of us having to use our hands.  So I knew he only had to push forward and he’d be buried smoothly to the hilt.  And I wanted him to.  So fucking badly.  But some distant part of me remembered my rule that he get tested first, and I knew I’d probably regret it if I broke that rule.  I also didn’t want to push The Pedant into something he might later regret.

I held my breath and kept my lower body perfectly still.  If The Pedant chose to push forward (oh please oh please) it was going to be his decision and only his decision, and therefore not my fault.  I would not thrust up at him and drive him inside me.  I would not wiggle in such a way that he’d think I was inviting him in.  And anyway, he was way more cautious about the idea of barebacking then I was, when I brought it up.  He’d seemed like he was going to say no.  Probably his intention right now was to make out with me and tease me until neither of us could take it anymore, and then get out a condom.

And so we kept on passionately making out, with the blunt tip of his erection lightly nudging against me and me holding my hips absolutely still so as not to seem like I was encouraging anything.  The Pedant and I kissed and kissed and I teased his nipples with my thumbs and grabbed his throat hard and pushed his head back and he wailed helplessly at the ceiling and then he did push forward and the head of his cock went inside me with an almost audible pop and I gave a deep, loud gasp and wrapped my legs around his waist.

The Pedant slowly began to thrust and y’know, I don’t think the physical sensations of bareback were that different to me, after all.  But the increased feeling of intimacy was electrifying, as were The Pedant’s reactions – the physical sensations were obviously way different for him.  After thirty seconds or so he murmured, “Do you want me to come?” and all I could do was make a frustrated mewling noise because I did and I didn’t and I was really not in any headspace to make important decisions.

The Pedant must have interpreted my mewling noise as a “yes” – or maybe things just got away from him a little bit.  He thrust one more time and then held perfectly still and I felt his cock pulsing deep inside me.  He didn’t make a sound and I actually wasn’t sure at first whether he’d come – guys also go still and pulse like that when they’re really close to coming and trying to hold back.

“How’re you doing?  You still with us?” I whispered.  The Pedant just kind of chuckled and buried his face in my neck.  For the second time that visit, I did a surreptitious nipple check.  He didn’t notice me brush up against it at all, and that’s when I knew for sure he’d come inside me.  The act of coming always transforms his erogenous zones back to ordinary body parts.

After a little while The Pedant lifted his head and looked me in the face.  His expression was just…completely raw.  Undone.  For my part, I felt utterly disarmed, vulnerable, peeled open – and I knew he was seeing this in my eyes, just as he knew I was seeing the same thing in his.  It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to him.

We lay like that for a minute, just staring into each other’s eyes.  I wiped the hair out of his face and caressed his cheek.  And then a look of determination seized him and he got up and retrieved the Hitachi.

Stay tuned for more.


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6 responses to “Amazing Pedant is amazing, part IV

  1. Brugmansia

    This was SO HOT! Him watching his cock, wanting but holding off but finally being unable to stop himself from going in … him only lasting through half a minute of slow thrusts but still asking if he can cum … “I felt his internal struggle between desire and self-control.” – this is like the definition of erotic, to me!

    • Yeah, all those things hit my buttons really hard, too. 😀

      Obviously there are also things I found problematic about the whole thing. But you definitely nailed what it was that turned me on. 😀

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